August Favorites

August was one busy, busy month. I am so glad it's over because I am so excited for fall, but I am also kind of sad because it was a really good month. I have been having so much fun at Alabama, and I love my classes and my new friends. I am still trying to get back into the schedule of having stuff to do every day, so if the blog isn't as consistent as I want it to be, I am so sorry. I am having trouble keeping up with all my homework because I am not used to having work to do every day, but hopefully now that I have been in school for two weeks now, I can get into a good routine. 

This monthly favorite is going to be a little short because life has been consumed with sorority stuff and classes and a new place. I haven't really had the chance to love anything new or even start loving anything again. I won't lie. I haven't been wearing makeup, and I wear an oversized tshirt and norts every single day. Anyways, here is what I did have the time to start loving this month. 

Concerts | I have been to three concerts this month. I saw Blink-182 at the beginning of the month with Emma then I saw Ludacris and Walker Hayes at school with two of my roommates. Finally, I saw Ben Rector with my friend Caroline just recently. Concerts are so much fun, and going with great friends is so fun.

If you want to know what music I have been listening to, check out my August playlist

The Office and Stranger Things | So as all of my TV obsessions start, I started watching both Stranger Things and The Office when I wasn't feeling like doing any work quite yet. Obviously, everyone has either watched these shows or is currently watching them, but in case you live under a rock, check them out! Stranger Things is super interesting and different from other stuff I watch. The Office is more my typical style, and I like everyone else love Jim and Pam. 

Being a Theta! | Obviously, I am so in loving with being a Theta. I have only been a member for a little more than two weeks, but I am so happy with my decision. You can read my entire recruitment experience here, but I am so lucky to have over 150 new pledge sisters and over 450 new Theta sisters. I could spend hours talking about how much I love my sisters and my sorority already, but I'll save that for another time.

xx, jKm


My Favorite Podcasts

I love podcasts. It's like watching a documentary, but I can still do other stuff while listening to it. My government and economics teacher loves podcasts, too, and I love getting recommendations from her. My sister is also loves podcasts, and I know she would be upset if I didn't mention that I get a lot of my recommendations from her too. 

The West Wing Weekly | I talked about this podcast in one of my monthly favorites. If you have never seen The West Wing, please go watch it now. It's on Netflix and is honestly one of the best shows out there. If you want a viewing companion, check out this podcast. Josh Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway give such great insight to the show as someone who was on the show and a big fan, respectively. There are no spoilers in each episode, so it's a great way to learn more about the show. "In Excelsis Deo" is one of my favorite episodes of the show in general, and the podcast makes it so much better because Richard Schiff, who plays Toby, makes a guest appearance. 

Stuff You Should Know | This is a recommendation from Emma. The premise of the podcasts is to take specific topics and discuss all the details of it. Josh and Chuck cover topics from makeup to sports to space, so there is something for everyone. It's really funny when Emma starts talking about something, and I wonder why she knows about it. It is because of this podcast. You can learn something about anything from this podcast. I liked the episodes about Carl Sagan, the naming of continents, and Grimm's Fairy Tales. 

Brain on Sports | Is it really a favorites if I don't talk about sports in some way? Brain on Sports is a Sports Illustrated podcast, and they cover topics from psychological stuff like rooting for the underdog to talking to people like former head coaches. If you like sports at all, there's an episode for you because there's so many different topics. I liked the one about rooting for the underdogs because that's something that I've always done.

EconTalk | Obviously this was one recommended to me by my teacher. She told me that I should watch the episode called the XX Factor because I am really interested in women's equality. I started listening to other episodes, and if anything about economics interests you, I suggest you listen to it. Russ Roberts and his guests cover economics in a really broad sense, so it is not just what you would typically think of the subject. 

I am always looking for recs, so what do y'all listen to??
xx, jKm


Tuscaloosa Amphitheater: Ben Rector Concert

Happy Monday! This past weekend was so much fun, and I honestly wish I could share every part of it with y'all. That post would be way too long, so as of right now, I am just sharing one part today. After going to my first sorority swap on Thursday, I went to a Ben Rector concert with one of my friends Caroline who I know from home! I wasn't sure what to expect because I obviously like Ben Rector enough to buy a ticket to his concert, but I was not like obsessed with his music. 

I was not disappointed at all. The concert was so amazing. I had such an amazing time, and I am so glad I got to go with Caroline. The amphitheater is a little out of the way from campus, but you can totally walk there. It might just take you a while to get there. The Amphitheater is super nice, too. I personally like it better than any of the amphitheater I have been to in Atlanta because it is smaller. Plus is is right next to the Black Warrior River, which is super fun to walk around. 

The opening act was Colony House, who I had not heard of before, but they were really good. I feel like they have a more of an indie rock, so if you're into that I highly recommend! 

Y'all, Ben Rector was amazing. I absolutely loved the vibe of the concert. It was fun and lighthearted, and it honestly put me in such a great mood because my week had been kind of hard up until then. He covered "ABC" and "I Dance with Somebody," and we even danced to the "Cha Cha Slide." I think my favorite moment was when he sang "When a Heart Breaks" or "I Like You."  

The concert was definitely one of the perfect ways to start my year off at Alabama, and I am so glad I got to do it with Caroline. If you're in Tuscaloosa and want to see a concert, check out the Amphitheater. The biggest acts might not be coming through, but it still such a fun place. 

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

Happy Friday, y'all! I am so sorry about that lack of posts Wednesday and yesterday, but college has definitely gotten the best of me. My time management skills have not yet kicked in, and I have no idea when they'll be back. I also have a crazy busy weekend, so just stay with me until life settles back down. I have some ideas in the works, but I need time to actually put them into motion.

Classes have been the only thing on my mind lately, and the blog has been pushed the the back of my brain. These tips for finding inspiration are a great way to help me get back into the swing of things.  

If you know anything about me, you could probably guess that I love Friday Night Lights. High school football will probably always have a special place in my heart, and these quotes are absolute gold. The one that is directly linked is one of my favorite quotes of all time.

Honestly my wanderlust is so high right now, and New Zealand is 100% on the top of my foreign places list.

Have y'all read this article about Allison Schmitt? I know the Olympics are over, but this article is so important.

Monica is in England/Europe, and I am so excited for her vlogs! Y'all, I know I talk about her every other week, but if you haven't started watching her vlogs, you need to.

xx, jKm


Alabama Bucket List

I have been living in Alabama for two weeks now, and I absolutely love it! Of course, there is so much I want to do in Tuscaloosa, but there is a ton I want to do in the state in general. A lot of this is in Birmingham because one of my best friends, Katie, is going to UAB, and I am so excited to visit her. I am so excited to be living in a new place and having more places to explore and adventure. 

xx, jKm


My Recruitment Week Experience

It's been a little over a week since the University of Alabama's bid day, which seems so long ago to me. My life has been crazy hectic since that day. I went on my sorority's new member retreat, started classes, and started my new member period, and life has definitely had its share of ups and downs in the past week. College is fun but also a little weird, but that's another story for another day. Today we are talking all about my recruitment experience. 

If you didn't know, Alabama is the home of the largest sorority recruitment process in the country. While other schools have more sororities on campus, more girls go through recruitment at Alabama than anywhere else. Over 2,700 girls signed up for recruitment this year. Hearing that number definitely freaked me out. 2,000 people didn't even go to my high school, and this whole process was one giant step outside of my comfort zone. Anxieties were high, and I won't lie to y'all. I cried a lot, and I definitely did not have the "perfect" recruitment experience. Straight up, I cried to my Rho Chi at least twice. (Shout out to her for handling my emotions honestly.)

Let's start from the beginning:

August in Alabama is hot. hot. hot. Imagine trying to look your absolute best in 80% humidity and a heat index of almost 100 degrees. Not the most fun activity in the world. Ice Water Teas are super intimidating, too. I am not sure if all schools do this, but door songs are terrifying even if you know exactly what to expect. I felt so awkward at so many of the houses because it can be super hard to hear in the houses when there are so many girls in one room. My mindset for Ice Water Teas was to let whatever happen, happen. Alabama has 16 sororities, and at one point, most of them began to run together in my head even though I wrote down notes about each house. If the house liked me, they liked me, and if they didn't, I wasn't supposed to be there.

Our next round was Philanthropy, which I think was my favorite round out of all of recruitment. During this round I had 8 houses left, and it was a really fun round because I got to see all the sororities' philanthropies and their personalities. There were four that really stood out to me, and those happened to be the four I got invited back to for Sisterhood round! 

Okay here is where the week started to go poorly. Everyone tells you to keep an open mind, but it's so hard to when you think you've found the house, and I thought I did during Sisterhood. I thought I found my home and where I was supposed to be in two potential houses, and I truly did think that I would be running to one of those two houses come bid day. However, I got dropped from both of those houses after that round, and I broke down on the morning of Preference round when I got my schedule back. I had spent the entire night envisioning my life in those houses, and in an instant, it was gone. I felt like I had my heart broken. 

I know so many people who loved Preference round, but I ruined it for myself because I was so upset about what had happened earlier in the day, which was incredibly rude to the houses I had left. I sat in the Theta house, and I was in a terrible mood. The entire week felt like it wasn't going right for me, and at that point, I honestly did not know if I was going to keep going through the process.

After pref I rushed through voting and didn't really give much thought to my pref card, which I don't recommend doing. Because if I had actually sat down and gone through my week with my Rho Chi, I wouldn't have written down the two houses I had left in the order I did, and I wouldn't have wanted to drop out of recruitment.

But I kept with it, and I got a bid from Kappa Alpha Theta. I could not be happier with how it worked out. Looking back on my week, I loved Theta from the start. They were one of my favorite houses if not my absolute favorite after both Ice Water Teas and Philanthropy round. Every bad feeling I had about the week was my own fault. Theta was everything I wanted in a sorority, and it was the house for me even if I didn't realize it until I opened my bid. They wanted me even when I stood in their house dripping wet and even when I was in a terrible mood after getting dropped from other houses. I remember listening to the stories during preference round thinking "That's the sisterhood I want." And that's the feeling you should have!! Even now listening to the girls talk while I am going through my new member period, I think about how lucky I am to be in such an amazing sisterhood. I am so blessed that I got a bid from the house that was meant to be my home. The system works even if you don't think it will.

So that is my biggest piece of advice when going through recruitment. In the end, it almost always works out if you maximize your options. The system is in place for a reason, and even if you think you know better, you probably don't. Keep an open mind and trust that it will work out exactly how it is supposed to. 

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

I went to go see Ludacris with two of my roommates. It was super weird but also a ton of fun.

Walker Hayes was one of the opening acts for Ludacris, and he even performed at the Theta house the night before. He's so cute and precious, and I absolutely love his music.

Rule 40, which is this super complicated media rule, is hilariously done with this Twitter account. If you want to know more about Rule 40, Katie Nolan explains it better.

Casually obsessed with this golf cart keychain from Smathers & Branson.

This dress is so cute! I feel like it's perfect for that weird transition from summer to fall that we are about to hit.

I have already talked about how much I want the Ophelia swing dress from Lilly, but seeing it in Krista' post makes me want it that much more. 

If you haven't started following Carly's YouTube, you need to! Her filming and editing style reminds me of Monica Church, who is my absolute favorite YouTuber.

Also, I am sorry about the quality of posts lately. I know they haven't been my best, but college has been crazy. I am going to spend this weekend working on content (& homework).
xx, jKm


Midweek Motivation // First Day of School Edition

Today is my first day of college! It's crazy to think that I have been living in Tuscaloosa for almost two weeks, and I am now just starting classes. I am super excited to actually have a set schedule and get back into a routine because I need a routine to survive. Plus, sorority recruitment just made college feel like summer camp rather than actual school. Hopefully since classes are starting I will begin to feel like an actual college student. I'm so excited, y'all! 

xx, jKm


August Playlist

Hey y'all! It's so hard to believe that August is halfway over. So much has already happened in just 16 short days, and this month is definitely one to remember. Today I thought I would share with y'all some music that I have been listening to nonstop. Some of the music is from the Wild + Free playlist on Spotify while other is music from people I have seen in concert or am seeing in concert. Then FMA has been my favorite album for this entire month. Hope you enjoy! 

xx, jKm


What I Wore During Sorority Recruitment

Hey y'all! Today is all about what I wore during Alabama's sorority recruitment. I spent so long picking out what to wear, but honestly? As long as you're comfortable and putting your best foot forward, what you wear doesn't matter too much. You want to be in a house that accepts you and wants you for you. If a house doesn't like you because you aren't wearing all Lilly or all new clothes, you belong somewhere else probably. I only bought one dress this summer for the purpose of recruitment. All the other dresses I already had from other occasions. (P.S. I went Kappa Alpha Theta if you missed that all over social media.)

Ice Water Teas

Philanthropy Round

Recruitment T-Shirts  // Old Navy Shorts // Target Sandals

Sisterhood Round

Preference Round

Lilly Pulitzer Dress (similar) // Alex Marie Heels

xx, jKm


First Day Outfit Inspiration

Happy Friday! I hope this isn't too late for some of y'all because I know my county started on Monday. Even if you have already had your first day of school, these outfits are still great for school in general. The first day of school outfit was always super important to me. I seriously spent weeks thinking about it. I have always wanted to make a good first impression on my teachers. If you're struggling with this decision, I decide to help out and share some inspiration. I tried to create outfits using different trends and different styles. 

My first day of school is on Wednesday, and I am still not sure what I am going to wear yet. I want to look nice because it's the first day, but I also don't want to be overdressed because it is college. #FreshmanStruggles?
This first outfit is obviously something that I would wear. I could write a book about how much I love stripes, and I think paired with a good pair of chino shorts that this outfit is a classic. Add a pair of super comfy sandals because you do not want to be getting blisters from walking back and forth in the halls and up and down stairs. I am literally always wearing my pearl earrings, and they're the perfect touch for this outfit. 

I think this is an outfit my best friend, Tori, would wear if she wore jeans more often. (That girl lives in athletics shorts and sweatpants.) This outfit is more relaxed, obviously, but I still think it is just as cute. The Birkenstocks and boyfriend jeans give it a laid-back vibe, and the oversized sweater is perfect for all those cold classrooms. I swear, the classrooms in my high school were always 60 degrees even when it was 90 degrees outside. 

Swing dresses are my obsession. They are so comfortable and easy to wear, but you're wearing a dress, so you automatically look nice. I think with a jean jacket and a fun tassel necklace you can really dress up a simple gray dress. Then lace-up flats are all the rage right now, and they are a super fun addition to a pretty basic outfit. 

Last but certainly not least... I love jean skirts with buttons down the front. I think they are super fun and kind of reminiscent of the 70s and the 90s. Plus they are the perfect piece to transition to fall and winter. When paired with a simple shirt, striped or not, and white slip-ons, it makes for a very on-trend outfit. I added statement studs for a little bit of glitz. 

xx, jKm


7 Tips for Studying

I would be lying to y'all if I said I was a great studier in high school. School is one of those things that comes pretty easy to me. I also love school, so I enjoyed being in class and learning. There were, however, a couple subjects in high school that didn't come as easily as others. I really struggled with learning chemistry, macroeconomics, biology (both times around), and then I studied a lot for government because we didn't have a ton of grades in that class. I probably developed my best study habits second semester senior year, which was way too late. I finally figured out what worked, but I also didn't want to study because I was almost done with high school. My biggest piece of advice for studying then would be to develop good study habits before it's too late. 

With all that being said, here's are some tips for studying.
Eliminate all distractions 
This should be obvious, but I would always forget to turn off my phone, and I would always get distracted if I was working on my computer. If you have a Mac, you can download SelfControl, which was honestly a lifesaver second semester. With SelfControl, you can block certain website for a period of time. Like I would block Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr. I wouldn't block YouTube if I was watching videos for school. I would set the timer for however long I thought I would be working on one thing. The best part? There's no way for you to get around the block. You have to wait until the timer is up. 

Read the textbook
Not all textbooks are good, but sometimes the textbook is so helpful. I swear, the textbook saved me in chemistry. I couldn't have gotten through that class without the book. Same with physics. My government teacher provided up with better textbooks, and they were great supplements to what we learned in class especially since class discussions sometimes got off tracked to more current events. 

Take notes from what you read
I did this especially with chemistry and government. Like I said in government, we didn't have a ton of grades, so I worked really hard to keep a high grade in there. After I read my textbook and highlighted what was important (only highlight if your teacher says you can!), I would go back through and type up notes of what I thought was important. This way I was processing the information more than just once. 

Pay attention in class
Easiest way to do better in class? Actually pay attention. I know it be hard when you are a senior, but your teachers write the tests. They will talk about what they think is important for you to know. 

Do all your homework
I think this is super important for math classes because it can be hard to study for math. It's all about practice with math, and when you are doing problems over and over again, it becomes easier as time goes on. When I was a freshman, sometimes I wouldn't do my math homework, and I would do so much worse on quizzes and tests when I didn't do homework.

Create study guides using your notes
Obviously this can be a little tedious, but sometimes I would make study guides based on my notes. This helped me a ton in AP Biology. I would go through the note packets we had, and I would highlight the most important things. Then I would type up what I thought was important and organize it in a way that made sense. I would then print out the study guides and make notes and highlights in the margins. 

Find friends you can study with
Studying with friends is great! Except when you are trying to study with friends who make you distracted. Studying with Tori or Marguerite was great, but I had other friends that I could not study with. Figure out who helps you and make dates with them. 

xx, jKm


Goals for First Semester

Since I am starting actual school in a little more than a week, I thought I would share with y'all what my goals for my first semester ever of college are. I am super excited for my first semester of college. It's such a new adventure, and I haven't really had to do something new in a while. I got in such a routine while in high school, and I am excited to have something to conquer. 

Support all of the Crimson Tide teams
Alabama is known for its football obviously, but there are so many other great sports at this school. Plus, all the events are free. (Football tickets are $5 and involve a blood bath to get.) Why would I not go? I have got to keep my most spirited streak alive. In the fall, women's soccer and volleyball and swimming & diving are going on in addition to football, and as it gets closer to winter, men's and women's basketball will start. 

Get involved on campus
I love being involved in things. I feel like without it I would be so bored. Whether it is being involved in one of the sororities or in one of the hundreds of clubs that Alabama has, I want to be a part of it. 

Explore Tuscaloosa
While I am sure I could be perfectly content with staying on campus, I want to go out and see what's in the city of Tuscaloosa. It's such a cute city, and I want to get to know the place I will call home for the next four years. 

Go outside my comfort zone
Meet the person who is 100% okay with her comfort zone, but that's not what college is about. I want to go out and meet people and do things that I wouldn't have had the courage to do a year ago. I don't want to regret any moment that I have while in college. 

Take advantage of my resources
Alabama offers so much to students, and I want to be able to use their resources to the best of my ability. I want to get to know my professors and utilize the career center. When will have a chance like this again? 

Work hard
I am in college to get a degree first and foremost. I want to spend first semester working hard and figuring out what works for me and what doesn't. I want to work toward my goals and do things that will help me get there. 

Ask for help if I need it
Much like staying in my comfort zone, I am 100% okay with not asking for help, but I know that's not healthy. I don't have my mom to lean on anymore. If my anxiety gets bad, I need to talk to someone about it. If I am struggling, I need to talk to someone about it. I need to advocate for myself. 

Hang out with my roommates
Finally, I want to build good relationships with my three roommates. I am so excited to be living with who I am living with, and I am pretty sure we will get along great. 

xx, jKm
P.S. This graphic is a little hint at the redesign coming. ;)


Summer Recap

Happy Monday, y'all! I have survived my first weekend at school and my first round of recruitment. But more on that later. Since my summer officially ended on Friday, I thought I would share with y'all what exactly happened this summer. I'm almost never sad to see summer go, but this year especially. I am so excited for the upcoming year. 

Obviously my summer started with my graduation! What an amazing time to have all three of us home again. I loved seeing Will after having not seen him for a while. 

Celebrated graduating and kicked off the beginning of summer in Atlanta with three of my favorite people. Jackson, Christopher, Christina, and I went to Atlanta right after we graduated, which was so much fun. Christina moved in the middle of the summer, so I tried to see her as much as I could. 

I spent two days at orienation. Like I said, I didn't love orienation like some people, but it did made me really excited to be at Alabama. 

I was awarded my scholarship from the Atlanta Touchdown Club. I got to meet UGA greats in Coach Dooley and Hines Ward, which was so amazing. It was such a fun night. 

My dad and I went to the Cubs v. Braves game, and sadly, the Braves won. It was really fun to see one of my favorite players, Kris Bryant, play. Plus, this was my last summer at Turner Field, so it was nice to get to see a couple of games. 

I definitely took advantage of my hometown, and I spent a ton of time hiking through the nature reserve in my county. I am so sad that I didn't take the time earlier to explore it, but I had so much fun this summer taking hikes with my dad. Marguerite and I even went a couple of times. 

Emma took me to Highland Bakery for a fun sister date even though it was pouring down rain. I had never been, and it was exciting to go somewhere new even in a city that I had been to so many times. 

I started watercoloring, which was something that I have wanted to get into for so long. I finally got a palette, and while I am not the best at it yet, I had so much fun just playing around with it. I can't wait to hopefully get a little bit better at it.  

Tori and I spent an entire day together doing the most random things. We went to the Farmer's Market, and I had never been before. It was so cool seeing a ton of locally grown foods, and the food trucks were amazing. We even saw some goats. 

My mom, dad, and I went to Ponce City Market, and you can see all about that adventure here. 

To kick off my last weekend at home, I went to my last game at Turner Field. The Phillies were in town, and we happened to be there on one of the nights they lost, which was sad. It was so hot. I was a little sad that I would never be back at Turner Field again. 

My sister's graduation present to me was Blink-182 tickets. The concert was at the amphitheater in Atlanta. It was interesting but also incredibly fun. Nothing like I had ever experienced, and everyone was so into the music. 

I moved in! A room tour will be up at some point, but I am not exactly sure when because there still some things I want to put up to make the room look less boring. 

If your summer is over, I hope you had a good one!! And if you still have some summer left, I hope you also have a good rest of your summer.
xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

Happy, happy Friday!!! Today's the day! As if I had to remind y'all since it has been the only thing I have been talking about for the past two weeks. I am so excited for this new journey and to be able to share it with all of y'all.

Published this post without a photo this morning! Whoops... But I left for school yesterday, and now I am all moved in. :)

Today is obviously another important day besides my move-in! The Olympics start tonight. To prepare, make sure you watch Simone Biles' floor routine to get you pumped. Also Aly Raisman's because it is perfect as well.

Sorority recruitment technically starts tonight with convocation, but the first round is tomorrow! I am keeping Dorothy's tips in mind as I participate in the largest sorority recruitment process in the country. 

I know I just shared with y'all my favorite music for July, but I already know this album by Grace is going to be a favorite for August. It is such a good album. I cannot tell y'all how much time I have spent listening to it.

Check out Kristee's Letter to Her Freshman Self. I love hearing about people's experiences with freshman year because it helps me to get a better idea about what it is like.

How cute is this tassel dress from Old Navy? I am a sucker for a swing dress as well all know, and the tassels just make it even more perfect.

The Ophelia dress with elephants is here! The print is so fun, and I love the back of the dress.

I cannot wait to order a Letter by Alex sweatshirt. I have my eye on the Get Trunky print, obviously.

xx, jKm


10 Things I Wish I Knew Before High School

Today I am leaving for Tuscaloosa!!! I am moving in tomorrow morning. :) Be sure to follow me on Twitter and add me Snapchat to see all the behind the scenes of today. I am so excited to get settled and have everything put together after having it all sit my room for the past month. My high school actually starts school on Monday (Shout out to my mom for moving me in right before her year starts), so I thought I would take today to talk about what I wish I had known before I started high school. I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into considering my brother and sister are six years older than me and my mom works at my high school, but even with all that amazing wisdom, there were some things I wasn't prepared for/I didn't listen to. Hopefully today I can impart a little bit of knowledge with y'all to help everyone who is heading into high school.

Try everything at least once. | One of my biggest regrets from high school was not getting involved in our drama department. A ton of my friends were theater kids, and I always felt like an adopted one since I hung out with them so much. I was so close to finally auditioning for a play my senior year when something came up. Don't go through high school with regrets. If you want to try something, do it. If anything, it's most likely a one time commitment, and you can meet new people.

Freshman year grades are so important. | My lowest grades were freshman year, and I think this can be the case for a lot of people. You're adjusting to high school and a new school. It's a lot for a 14 year old, but these grades are the basis for the next four years. Try your absolute hardest because it's so hard to bring a GPA up once it's low. Ask for help. Get tutoring if you need it. Colleges do focus on your junior and senior year grades, but your freshman year grades set your GPA first.

Things change a lot. | You will change. Your friends will change. Your dream college will change. Your interests will change. Don't go into high school expecting nothing will change. Even if you don't want it to, something will change, and honestly, it is usually for the better. During these four years, you will grow up so much, and that's such a good thing.

Finding a great support system is everything. | There's no way you can go through high school without people supporting you. Find your "tribe" so to speak. Personally, mine was composed of my mom, my favorite teachers, and a couple of my very best friends. These are the people who will help you make all your life decisions and help you when you are at your worst. Hold onto these people through the next four years.

Make "friends" with your teachers. | So speaking of teachers, I think this is because I am a teacher's kid, but your teachers are some of the most amazing people. Get to know them. I spent my mornings talking to my former math teachers or my government/economics teacher. You can ask for advice about school or life, and they'll help you. Don't make your teachers seem to be this "big bad" figure. They are humans. Treat them as such.

Challenge yourself. It's worth it. | One of my biggest pieces of advice to people is to take chemistry. It's a hard class, but I think it's worth taking because you learn a lot about how to problem solve, which is a skill that will last you through the rest of your life. Find a class like that at your school. Make yourself have to study and learn something new. If you take easy classes all through high school, you probably will not have learned anything.

There's no point in keeping negative people in your life. | There's some quote that is like how can you expect to have a positive life if you have negative people in it. I know you want to keep the relationships you have forever, but sometimes people need to grow apart. Toxic relationships are the worst, especially if you are the only one trying to save it. Let them go. You will feel so much better when you don't have a weight of negative energy weighing you down.

These 4 years matter very little. | So by the time you graduate at 18, high school will have made up about 23% of your life, which is almost a quarter. That seems life a lot, but by the time you are 22 and graduating college, high school will only have made up 18% of your life. As you get older, high school will start become a smaller part of your life. You have so much more life ahead of you. Don't let four small years control it.

School is important but so are your friends. | Like I said, have fun. Sure, you are there to learn and get ready for college, but school isn't everything. Go to your friend's party. See their play. Travel to watch them play a sport. Be supportive in every way you can. One day you all won't be together every single Monday-Friday. You'll be hours away from each other, and that's scary. Spend as much time as you can with them while you have it.

It goes by so quickly. Take every moment for granted. | Okay, so these years don't matter that much, but they can be really fun. You're not an adult yet, so you don't have to make too many big decisions. Have fun in high school. As a freshman, it seemed like high school would never end. I mean, having a three year countdown on your phone to graduation is not healthy. Then senior year came, and I thought where did it all go? Take for granted the moments that you have.

If you are starting high school soon, I wish you the best of luck!
xx, jKm


School Supplies Haul | College Freshman

I feel like I've started every blog post with a countdown recently and telling y'all how many more days I have until I move in. Today's answer is I am leaving for Tuscaloosa tomorrow afternoon after my mom finishes work, and I move in on Friday bright and early at 9 a.m.

It's so crazy that summer has come and gone so quickly. I do enjoy having a break and all, but I really do love school, and I like having something to do and having a routine. Today I am talking about my favorite part of back to school: school supplies! There's something about new pencils and notebooks that makes me so happy and productive. I am patiently waiting for a man who would send me bouquet of newly sharpened pencils 

Over the four years in high school, I figured out what worked for me, but now I am going to college with very little idea of what I needed. I mainly got the basics, and if I find myself needing something, I can always get it later. I obviously still need to order my textbooks and all that.

InkJoy Pens 100 & 300 are my absolute favorite colored pens. I am just using my 300s from last year because they're still good, but I picked up some 100s (not pictured) because while I don't like stick pens all that much, they have a lighter green, which the 300s don't have. 

I love using mechanical pencils, and I have been using Bic Mechanical Pencils forever. I love the Sparkle collection because the colors are bright and not boring like other pencils.

I am also taking my Le Pens and my Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens because a girl needs options when it comes to pens. 

When I am not using mechanical pencils, I am using Ticonderoga Pencils. I have an unopened package from the blowout sale when our Office Depot closed. They're my favorite wooden pencils.

Office Depot Stellar Notebooks are the best notebooks out there. The rings are sturdier than the ones on Five Star notebooks, and I like the colors a lot more. They are also cheaper than the Five Star notebooks.

Since the notebooks I got are weirder colors, I just got white Five Star Folders. Five Star Folders hold up really well. I used on throughout most of high school, and it held up through everything. Since these last forever, I didn't want to ruin them by writing on them. Instead I took an index card wrote the class name and times in the color that matched my notebook.

North Face Backpack | I got a new backpack for college! I had a Jansport that I got my sophomore year of high school, and I just didn't like it anymore. It wasn't sturdy enough for me, and I wanted more pockets. I know North Face stuff lasts forever, so I am excited to use it throughout college. 

Once I settle into school and a routine, I will share how I am keeping myself organized with notes and all that! Plus I will have a what's in my backpack. :)
xx, jKm