August Favorites

August was one busy, busy month. I am so glad it's over because I am so excited for fall, but I am also kind of sad because it was a really good month. I have been having so much fun at Alabama, and I love my classes and my new friends. I am still trying to get back into the schedule of having stuff to do every day, so if the blog isn't as consistent as I want it to be, I am so sorry. I am having trouble keeping up with all my homework because I am not used to having work to do every day, but hopefully now that I have been in school for two weeks now, I can get into a good routine. 

This monthly favorite is going to be a little short because life has been consumed with sorority stuff and classes and a new place. I haven't really had the chance to love anything new or even start loving anything again. I won't lie. I haven't been wearing makeup, and I wear an oversized tshirt and norts every single day. Anyways, here is what I did have the time to start loving this month. 

Concerts | I have been to three concerts this month. I saw Blink-182 at the beginning of the month with Emma then I saw Ludacris and Walker Hayes at school with two of my roommates. Finally, I saw Ben Rector with my friend Caroline just recently. Concerts are so much fun, and going with great friends is so fun.

If you want to know what music I have been listening to, check out my August playlist

The Office and Stranger Things | So as all of my TV obsessions start, I started watching both Stranger Things and The Office when I wasn't feeling like doing any work quite yet. Obviously, everyone has either watched these shows or is currently watching them, but in case you live under a rock, check them out! Stranger Things is super interesting and different from other stuff I watch. The Office is more my typical style, and I like everyone else love Jim and Pam. 

Being a Theta! | Obviously, I am so in loving with being a Theta. I have only been a member for a little more than two weeks, but I am so happy with my decision. You can read my entire recruitment experience here, but I am so lucky to have over 150 new pledge sisters and over 450 new Theta sisters. I could spend hours talking about how much I love my sisters and my sorority already, but I'll save that for another time.

xx, jKm

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