Ponce City Market

Y'all know how I got a really bad sunburn three weeks ago? I have pretty terrible tan lines now, and I needed to kind of fix them before recruitment. My mom and I decided to go to Sephora to get self-tanner, which let us finally go to Ponce City Market. Ponce City Market is this shopping center in the Old Fourth Ward, which has one of my favorite places aka Highland Bakery. But that's another story. There are a ton of fun stores like J.Crew and Anthropologie, but there are also restaurants and you can actually live there, too. 

First we stopped at Archer Paper Goods, which is a really cute stationery store filled with pens, cards, and posters. My mom and I absolutely adored it. We could've spent the entire day just looking through everything. They had Rifle Paper Co. products, and I loved actually being able to see the prints and everything in person rather than just online. 

Next we went to J.Crew obviously. I immediately knew it was a good J.Crew when I saw the George Bellows, my great-grandfather, book. I am obsessed with the summer releases, and it was so fun seeing all the fun new clothes. I got the Save More Elephants shirt. It's sold out online, but I would definitely check your local J.Crew because it is such a cute shirt that donates to a worthy cause. 

Finally before we went to Sephora we went to Anthropologie, and I spent most of the time smelling perfumes. I fell in love with the Fictions Eau de Parfum. The packaging is so cute, and they smell so good. My favorites were the London and Sydney ones.  

After we were done with everything, we went to Fresh Market which was literally across the street in Midtown and got food because we were all so tired and hungry at that point. There were a few more places I wished I had had the energy to check out, and I really want to try the restaurant Marrakesh, but my need for a snack was far too great. 

xx, jKm

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