Summer Recap

Happy Monday, y'all! I have survived my first weekend at school and my first round of recruitment. But more on that later. Since my summer officially ended on Friday, I thought I would share with y'all what exactly happened this summer. I'm almost never sad to see summer go, but this year especially. I am so excited for the upcoming year. 

Obviously my summer started with my graduation! What an amazing time to have all three of us home again. I loved seeing Will after having not seen him for a while. 

Celebrated graduating and kicked off the beginning of summer in Atlanta with three of my favorite people. Jackson, Christopher, Christina, and I went to Atlanta right after we graduated, which was so much fun. Christina moved in the middle of the summer, so I tried to see her as much as I could. 

I spent two days at orienation. Like I said, I didn't love orienation like some people, but it did made me really excited to be at Alabama. 

I was awarded my scholarship from the Atlanta Touchdown Club. I got to meet UGA greats in Coach Dooley and Hines Ward, which was so amazing. It was such a fun night. 

My dad and I went to the Cubs v. Braves game, and sadly, the Braves won. It was really fun to see one of my favorite players, Kris Bryant, play. Plus, this was my last summer at Turner Field, so it was nice to get to see a couple of games. 

I definitely took advantage of my hometown, and I spent a ton of time hiking through the nature reserve in my county. I am so sad that I didn't take the time earlier to explore it, but I had so much fun this summer taking hikes with my dad. Marguerite and I even went a couple of times. 

Emma took me to Highland Bakery for a fun sister date even though it was pouring down rain. I had never been, and it was exciting to go somewhere new even in a city that I had been to so many times. 

I started watercoloring, which was something that I have wanted to get into for so long. I finally got a palette, and while I am not the best at it yet, I had so much fun just playing around with it. I can't wait to hopefully get a little bit better at it.  

Tori and I spent an entire day together doing the most random things. We went to the Farmer's Market, and I had never been before. It was so cool seeing a ton of locally grown foods, and the food trucks were amazing. We even saw some goats. 

My mom, dad, and I went to Ponce City Market, and you can see all about that adventure here. 

To kick off my last weekend at home, I went to my last game at Turner Field. The Phillies were in town, and we happened to be there on one of the nights they lost, which was sad. It was so hot. I was a little sad that I would never be back at Turner Field again. 

My sister's graduation present to me was Blink-182 tickets. The concert was at the amphitheater in Atlanta. It was interesting but also incredibly fun. Nothing like I had ever experienced, and everyone was so into the music. 

I moved in! A room tour will be up at some point, but I am not exactly sure when because there still some things I want to put up to make the room look less boring. 

If your summer is over, I hope you had a good one!! And if you still have some summer left, I hope you also have a good rest of your summer.
xx, jKm

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