7 Tips for Studying

I would be lying to y'all if I said I was a great studier in high school. School is one of those things that comes pretty easy to me. I also love school, so I enjoyed being in class and learning. There were, however, a couple subjects in high school that didn't come as easily as others. I really struggled with learning chemistry, macroeconomics, biology (both times around), and then I studied a lot for government because we didn't have a ton of grades in that class. I probably developed my best study habits second semester senior year, which was way too late. I finally figured out what worked, but I also didn't want to study because I was almost done with high school. My biggest piece of advice for studying then would be to develop good study habits before it's too late. 

With all that being said, here's are some tips for studying.
Eliminate all distractions 
This should be obvious, but I would always forget to turn off my phone, and I would always get distracted if I was working on my computer. If you have a Mac, you can download SelfControl, which was honestly a lifesaver second semester. With SelfControl, you can block certain website for a period of time. Like I would block Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr. I wouldn't block YouTube if I was watching videos for school. I would set the timer for however long I thought I would be working on one thing. The best part? There's no way for you to get around the block. You have to wait until the timer is up. 

Read the textbook
Not all textbooks are good, but sometimes the textbook is so helpful. I swear, the textbook saved me in chemistry. I couldn't have gotten through that class without the book. Same with physics. My government teacher provided up with better textbooks, and they were great supplements to what we learned in class especially since class discussions sometimes got off tracked to more current events. 

Take notes from what you read
I did this especially with chemistry and government. Like I said in government, we didn't have a ton of grades, so I worked really hard to keep a high grade in there. After I read my textbook and highlighted what was important (only highlight if your teacher says you can!), I would go back through and type up notes of what I thought was important. This way I was processing the information more than just once. 

Pay attention in class
Easiest way to do better in class? Actually pay attention. I know it be hard when you are a senior, but your teachers write the tests. They will talk about what they think is important for you to know. 

Do all your homework
I think this is super important for math classes because it can be hard to study for math. It's all about practice with math, and when you are doing problems over and over again, it becomes easier as time goes on. When I was a freshman, sometimes I wouldn't do my math homework, and I would do so much worse on quizzes and tests when I didn't do homework.

Create study guides using your notes
Obviously this can be a little tedious, but sometimes I would make study guides based on my notes. This helped me a ton in AP Biology. I would go through the note packets we had, and I would highlight the most important things. Then I would type up what I thought was important and organize it in a way that made sense. I would then print out the study guides and make notes and highlights in the margins. 

Find friends you can study with
Studying with friends is great! Except when you are trying to study with friends who make you distracted. Studying with Tori or Marguerite was great, but I had other friends that I could not study with. Figure out who helps you and make dates with them. 

xx, jKm

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