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If y’all have been here for a while, you would know that I absolutely love agendas. I have been in love with Lilly Pulitzer agendas since I was a freshman in high school, and here we are four years later. For me, they are absolutely perfect. I love the bright colors and patters, and they honestly make planning a little bit more fun even though I already adore writing in my agenda. You can see all my other posts about agendas here. If you want to see how I use online calendars, check out this post

Today I am sharing how I have been organizing my agenda for college. It’s not too different from how I did everything in high school, but there are a few changes, and I honestly just like sharing my agenda with y'all. 

The monthly view is where I write all my important dates. For most of August, it had to do with recruitment week and Week of Welcome activities. I don't write down my homework there because that would get way too hectic. Instead, I just write down all my tests, which helps me a lot when I have to plan things in the month. I feel like I have a ton of room still on my month calendar, so either I am not writing everything down, or I can start utilizing the space in a different way. 

My weekly calendar is where is gets crazy. I have so much to write between homework, clubs, and Theta stuff. My days can be so full that I will write down that I need to do laundry and shower... Whenever I finish something, I highlight it because I hate scratching things out since it looks messy. When I highlight something, I can still see it, but I know it is done.

I also use a color code system that I have been using since I was a sophomore. Red is anything that is personal/clubs/school. Pink is anything that has to do with Theta/sorority stuff. Then all my classes have a color. English; purple. Mass Comm; light blue. Spanish; orange. Math; black. Media Writing; green. Microeconomics; dark blue. I use the same color code system on my weekly calendar and my monthly calendar, which is not something I used to do, but I really like it. 

Sticky notes are my best friend when it comes to my agenda (beside my colored pens). I have miles upon miles of to-do lists some days, and for some reason, I love writing down my list on a sticky note and putting in my agenda. In high school, I wrote mostly weekly to-do lists. Now I am writing a lot more daily to-do lists to get everything done. I will also write reminders on sticky notes when I have something huge coming up. 

xx, jKm

P.S. Sorry for the strange lighting. I took these photos at night, and I just realized how terrible the lighting in my dorm is.

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