Enlances con SDS

Happy Friday!!! And happy Labor Day Weekend! I am so excited for this weekend because my parents and sister are coming to visit me. I have not been too homesick minus the first of day of classes, but I've missed having my family around me. Like I don't miss my physical home or hometown, but I miss being around my family constantly if that makes sense. So instead of homesick I am "family-sick"? I am most definitely excited to see them.

How cute is this sweatshirt from J.Crew? The bow detail is so cute, and it dresses up a simple sweatshirt. I think this is a must-have for fall. 

Y'all watch this video of Paul Finebaum reading "The Night Before SEC Football." I am so excited for the season. Alabama football is back tomorrow!! Roll Tide.

This article about building a personal brand is so interesting. I have been loving my mass communication class because this is all we've been talking.

Since the concert last week, all I have been doing is listening to Ben Rector. I am now in love.

As y'all saw in yesterday's post, all I want to do is go to San Francisco. If anyone from the Giants is reading this, please give me an internship.

Or... Boston would work too.

Emma's blog is one of my favorites, and I love this Lilly dress on her! Seriously, if you aren't following Emma, you need to be.

xx, jKm

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