TAMU v. Alabama | 10/22

I think I am finally recovered from what was probably one of the best weekends yet, and I am so excited to share with y'all my adventures. If you have been living under a rock or absolutely care 0% about football, you might have missed that Alabama is good this year. This last weekend we played Texas A&M, and since both the teams were 6-0, College GameDay came to campus. All my friends know that I am obsessed with GameDay, and it's been my dream to see it in person for so long. Was it worth running on three hours of sleep and waking up at 3:30 in the morning? Most definitely. Plus, GameDay brought a ton of other amazing opportunities to campus.

One of the best parts of being at Alabama is people want to come here and talk to students, or at least, that is what my mass communications professor tells us all the time. On Thursday, the dean of communications from Penn State came to talk about the Paralympics, and it was so interesting because it's not something everyone thinks about unlike the Olympics. Then on Thursday, my roommates and our friends made signs for GameDay and watched the Fox production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was mostly focused on my sign and making cookies though...

To kick off the actual weekend, I spent my fair share of time hanging around the GameDay set. They do a show on Friday afternoons, and as soon as class let out, I made my way to Bryant-Denny. It was amazing to see some of the biggest names in sports talk about college football. Plus, I met Sam Ponder, who has been one of my biggest inspirations forever.

After I did that, I got to meet Rece Davis when he came to talk to the college of communications since he is an Alabama alum. Being able to meet people like Sam Ponder and Rece Davis made me remember why I am doing what I am doing. I was having kind of a rough week where I didn't feel motivated at all, but having these opportunities reminded me why I love sports and why I want to work in sports. 

Later on Friday, Catherine and Katielynn, who are in Theta with me, went to Tide Tipoff with me. Tide Tipoff was the kickoff to basketball season sort of like Kentucky's Big Blue Madness and Duke's Midnight Madness, but it has more of an All-Star game feel because Coach Avery used to coach in the NBA. It was so much fun, and it made me even more excited for college basketball season. It'll be hard not seeing Kentucky play every weekend, but they'll be in Alabama for my birthday, which is a huge plus.

Mickey's the one who came up with my sign, so everyone should follow him on Twitter.

Here comes the crazy part. Emma agreed to go to GameDay with me, and we decided to sleep at the Theta house since it is right next to the stadium. We went to bed around 12 and woke up at 3:30, and I could not sleep. I kept waking up in the middle of the night because I was so afraid I was going to miss GameDay. Luckily we woke up in time, and we sat outside forever. It was so cold, and I was so tired. We got in the front on the audience, and I had such a great time seeing legends like Lee Corso and Nick Saban together. I did leave a little early because I still had to go back to my dorm to get ready for the game.

Finally, it's game time! Theta had a gameday meal, so I took one of my guy friends, Mickey (who helped me come up with my sign) as my guest, and we went to the game together. Emma met us at the game because she took a nap after GameDay, which I wish I had had the time to do. Personally, all gamedays in Bryant-Denny are amazing, but the game against Texas A&M was the best I have been to this season. The atmosphere was incredible the entire time, and it was that game that reminded me why I chose Alabama. I wanted to be in that crazy, loud, exciting atmosphere during football season. 

xx, jKm

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