Three Easy Halloween Costumes

It's the best season ever! Halloween! I love wearing costumes so much, so Halloween is the perfect holiday for me, but I could do without anything that is scary. Not for me. I am not really sure what my plans for Halloween this year are, but I know we are having Trick-on-Treat on Sorority Row the week before, and I am super excited. Kids from Tuscaloosa come and trick-on-treat at the houses, and I cannot wait to see all the adorable kids in their costumes.

Costumes can be kind of tricky when you have no idea what to do, so today I put together three easy costume ideas! You can check out my post from last year, too. 

I can't know be the only one obsessed with lace up flats. I think they're so cute, and they would be the perfect piece for a ballerina costume. Add a tulle skirt and a cream colored sweater with the perfect ballerina bun. Not only do you look super cute, it's an incredibly practical outfit. 

Animals are super easy to do. I think this actually might end up being what I do if I need a costume. Cat ears are super cheap at some place like Target or Party City, and then you just need an all black outfit and some cat whiskers. 

Ah. Tina. My favorite character from Bob's Burgers. Her classic outfit is so simple, and if you want, you can get a group of friends to complete the rest of the cast, which would be so much fun. 

What do y'all think? What are your Halloween plans?
xx, jKm

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