Chocolate Butterscotch Pretzel Cookies

 While I am in college, I defintely miss being able to bake homemade cookies, so every time I come home, I make sure to spend some time with our KitchenAid mixer. Over Thanksgiving, I tried to make red velvet cookies, which didn't come out great, and I made chocolate chip cookies. This break I was rewatching Meghan's baking videos to get some inspiration, and honestly, cookies are what I am best at making, so this chocolate butterscotch pretzel recipe was right up my alley. 

These were so good. My family loved them even though none of them really like butterscotch. The best part? They got better over time, which I thought was really weird since cookies normally get harder the longer they are left out. Also the recipe is really easy to follow, and I am already planning on making these so I can take some back to school with me.

xx, jKm

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