Monday Motivation

I had a really weird weekend. I don't really know why it was weird, but it was. I didn't have a ton of motivation to work on anything, and I felt pretty down. I think it had something to do with the weather because it's tornado season in Alabama. Plus school hasn't fully started since this is our first full week after two weeks. However, I have to keep trying to remind myself that there's an end goal, and no matter how crappy I feel my goals are still going to be there. My goals are going to stop being there because I am not "up to it." I have to push through icky feelings and lack of inspiration sometimes to get where I need to go. 

xx, jKm


Friday Favorites


If you haven't watched Victoria on PBS, I highly recommend. Queen Victoria is one of my absolutely favorite people in history, and so far the series is done really well. Plus Jenna Coleman is super cute.

The other show I am watching right now is The Young Pope if you couldn't tell by my tweets. I can't tell if I like it yet, but it's defintely interesting. Also the Garbage Time parody is hilarious.

The New York Times did this brief piece on the day in the life of John Calipari, who is the head coach of the Kentucky men's basketball team. There are some really interesting bits in the article.

If y'all were wondering what my new favorite Twitter is...

Right now I am reading The Pine Tar Game, and if you're interested in sports at all, this is a must read, especially if you're into crazy rivalries and history.

xx, jKm


Habit & Balance

If you couldn't tell, I am very much a creature of habit. I like eating at the same time every day. I try to go to sleep at the same time every day and wake up around the same time. I do my makeup the same way every single morning. Lately, however, my routine has been disrupted. I started a new semester, which means a new schedule. I wake up a different time and eat a different time. I walk to classes differently and sit next to different people. Honestly adjusting to a new semester has been hard for me. My life kind of feels like it is teetering in one direction or the other. I blame most of this on the fact that today is only my fifth day of class. Nothing has really been set in stone for me. I just have to keep in mind that one day I will be settled again. It takes time to find the right balance sometimes. 

I don't really know where I wanted this post to go except I did want to point out even people who appear to be on a routine every single day have slips up when a change happens. Also this was to kind of tell y'all that I still don't have a great routine for blogging down yet, and I am working really hard to find it. 
xx, jKm


What's in My Backpack | College

Today I am showing y’all what I carry around campus with me. I loved reading and watching “What’s in My Backpack” post/videos when I was getting ready to go to college. This whole concept of being able to carry a backpack to class was so amazing to me because I hated not being able to do that in high school. I think I complained about it once a week or more when I was in high school.

For reference, I have one class that meets M/W/F, one class that meets M/W, two classes that meet T/R, and one class that is totally online, so I am taking five classes for 14 credit hours. Last semester I took six classes for 16 credit hours, so my course load is a little lighter this semester.

This year I am using the North Face Borealis backpack, which I absolutely love. I highly recommend getting a North Face backpack for college if you can. It’s a really good backpack, and I know it’s going to last me a while. So what’s in my backpack?

Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda in Tusk in Sun | Surprise, surprise my agenda is always with me. I will spend hours just staring at my agenda because I love it so much. I know the Lilly agendas aren't for everyone, but I still really like mine because I can organize it exactly the way I need to. If you want to see how I organize my Lilly agenda, you can check it out here

Computer | Obviously I need my computer. I don’t take notes on my computer because I get super distracted if I do, but I have textbooks and homework online, and I do have a completely online class like I said earlier. Plus, if I get bored of doing homework while at the house, I can watch Netflix or YouTube videos to take a break.

Notebooks | Fun fact: It's really hard to find notebooks in January. I could not find any set of notebooks that were what I wanted at all, and it frustrated me for about a week. I settled on doing two 3-subject notebooks, which is an idea I got from Meredith. I am planning on doing a more in-depth look into how I organize everything for school later this month once I settle into more of a routine with all my classes.

Textbooks | Honestly, textbooks are my least favorite thing to carry around, and this semester I am taking three reading based classes. Normally I carry around my Southern Studies course reader and literature book on Mondays and Wednesday then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I just carry my public relations textbook. I don't normally need my textbooks in class except my American literature class, but I like having my textbooks with me. That way I can read when I have down time rather than waiting until I get back to my dorm after dinner.

Pencil Case | I’ve had this pencil case since senior year, and it’s still going strong almost two years later. I always feel ridiculous pulling out my pencil case during class, but since I carry two sets of colored pens with me at all times, I know it’s necessary. I also hate when my pens are just floating around in my backpack because I don't want to lose any. I love these colored pens, and these are my absolute favorite black pens.

Headphones | After class I normally head over to my sorority house to do homework because it’s closer to my classes than my dorm, and let's be real, if I go back to my dorm, I am taking a nap. #NapQueen Sometimes the house can be really loud if it’s close to meal time, so if I am working on homework or trying to study, I’ll just listen to music to block out the conversations, and also it’s nice because it lets my friends know that I am working on stuff and don’t want to talk right then. 

Water Bottle | In my bid day bag, we got Camelbak water bottles, and I am still obsessed with mine. Since we got them before initiation, they don’t have our letters on them, which kinda sucks, but I still love it. Since my entire pledge class got one, I got a gold monogram (our colors are black and gold) to make sure I don’t lose it in the mix of PC ’16 water bottles.

Vaseline | I discovered the miracle of Vaseline last year when it was winter and my lips were chapped all the time. Now I can't live without it. I don't love the feeling it leaves on my lips because it's super thick, but once it "sinks" in my skin, I feel so much better. I usually also carry the Honeysuckle Honeydew EOS, and I know they aren't the best lip balm, but the honeysuckle reminds me of home. 

Sometimes I’ll have gum or Clif bars, but honestly that depends on 1. if I have money, and 2. if I felt like going to Publix when I run out of stuff.

xx, jKm


Friday Favorites

How perfect is this outfit? I decided the other day that I wish my style fell under the category of '70s queen.

I love this shirt so much. It's a little pricey and not really 'my style,' but 🤙🏼  is my favorite emoji.

Also I definitely need this sweatshirt. My friends always make fun of me because I am always napping.

How cute is this tunic from Old Navy? It basically just became winter in Alabama, but I am already wishing for spring weather.

I love songs that have lyrics about places, so I made playlist with all my favorite songs. It's pretty great if I do say so myself. Out of all the songs, this is my absolute favorite.

I absolutely love Hannah's blog, and lately her Pinterest has been one of my favorites. She's a graphic design major, and I love all her pins about graphics and art.

My mom send this Reese Witherspoon article to me so long ago, but I think we could always use a little inspiration from Elle Woods herself.

I've talked about how Krista is one of my favorite bloggers before, but I think this post reallys sums of why is she one of my favorites. (Plus she went to Kentucky, and go Cats)

xx, jKm


Direction for the New Year

I can't believe that we are already 12 days into January. Obviously a "new" year doesn't really mean a whole lot because time is a made-up concept (I have lots of thoughts), but I feel like the new year just started yet I also feel like we are further into the year than we actually are. 

I already told y'all that 2016 was a weird year for me, but it was a really up and down year for my blog. I never blogged consistently for more than a month for the entire year. Whenever I felt good about something, I would get off-track. Second-semester senior year got the best of me. Moving to college messed with my schedule. I didn't feel inspired anymore. When I was producing content, I wasn't pleased with it 100%. A lot of the time I would post something just to post something, anything. That was really frustrating for me because I am someone who likes creating things and writing, but I am also someone who is a perfectionist. I basically stopped blogging from October to December, which was hard for me because I didn't have an outlet anymore.

This break was the best thing I could have done because it allowed me to stop and think. I stopped producing stuff I wasn't proud of, and I thought about the direction I wanted this blog to go in. I felt really lost for a while, and I spent a lot of time trying to emulate other bloggers. However, I remembered that 1. I am not other bloggers, and 2. I really need to be doing this for myself. Blogging is a weird world because basically everyone and their mother can do it as this point. I started this blog so I could find a place for my voice, and I want to be able to find that passion for what I have to say again. I don't want this to make it seem like I have been "fake" while blogging, but I don't think I have been completely myself. Brooke explains this  in a way that hit home for me, and obviously so did Molly.

So what's going to happen? Where's this rambly post going? I am not completely sure on that, which I think is okay. I am starting to accept that I don't need to know everything before I do something. I do, however, know that I want to start writing about stuff that is deeper than just clothes and fashion trends. While I love talking and writing about fashion, I know that's not all I ever want to talk about. Like y'all know I love the South, and I love sports. I have lots of opinions about both. I want to be more open in writing about myself and my experiences. I want this blog to truly reflect who I am as a person. Right now I think it only reflects one part of my life if that makes sense. There might be a couple of bumps in the road as there always are. I mean, have y'all driven in Alabama? I am, however, going to try my best, which is all I can promise as of right now. 

xx, jKm


Dorm Tour | Freshman Year

I am so excited about today's post because I have been planning on doing a dorm tour since I moved into my dorm back in August, but first semester literally went by so quickly that it was December. and I realized I still haven't done this. However, I just got back to campus on Sunday and started classes today, so I had time to take pictures of my dorm during the day when the lighting was good. Plus my room is clean from not having been here all of break, and I am defintely trying to keep it that way for the whole semester.

I absolutely love my dorm, and it really is my haven. I spend a lot of time here after class when I am super tired and want to relax or when it's the weekend and I need to study. If y'all didn't know, I live in a four-person suite, so I do have my own room, and I share a bathroom with one of my roommates. I cannot recommend living in a suite enough, especially if you are like me and you need to have alone time. I know a lot of my friends like community style dorms, but I appreciate my personal space a lot. I love being able to go into my room and shut my door when I need to decompress.

Without further ado, here's my dorm! (I apologize that my floor is a little gross. I haven't had a chance to vacuum yet.)

I still have my door decorations up from Big/Little week, and I probably won't take them down until I move out because I love them so much. (The streamers, however, have been ripping since that day.)
This is what my room looks like when your first enter.
I absolutely love my nightstand. It just holds a lot of little things that mean a lot to me and a couple of books I can grab when I am trying to fall asleep.
I plan on doing a closer look my desk later this month, so be on the lookout!
On the wall behind my door, I just have a bunch of sticky notes with inspiring quotations and sayings. I plan on printing out pictures to put up there, but I keep forgetting to. 

If you're wondering where something is from, I did a two-part dorm haul over the summer. Here's Part 1 and Part 2.

xx, jKm


Failed Expectations

‘College is great. I am having the best time of my life. It’s so much better than high school.’ I think I said that every single time I interacted with someone when I went home. They would ask me how I was doing and if I was enjoying myself at school, and I would give the incredibly stereotypical answers, the ones I had been hearing since I was a freshman in high school. Except one time instead of giving the typical answer, I said, “I love it, but I don’t know if I am having as much fun as everyone expects me to be having.”

I kind of felt like I said the unacceptable, but I also felt relieved that I wasn’t lying to someone anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love college, and I love Alabama so much, but I felt like I was missing something sometimes throughout the semester. All my friends seemed to be having such an amazing college experience, and I felt like what I was doing wasn’t enough to be having fun. I felt like I should be going out more or like I should have more friends or like I should be more involved already. My expectations for college hadn’t really been met.

The first person I expressed this concern with was my former AP Bio teacher when I went to go visit her. She told me she understood my concerns, which was a relief. She also reminded me that it was probably going to get better. Your first semester can be a little weird because you’re trying to find your footing in a big place, or in my case a really big place. The first couple of months were especially rough for me, but it got better as time went on. Naturally you would think in this next semester, everything will continue to get better. 

I also talked about this with Tori when we went to lunch one day, and she reminded me that I’m not seeing every aspect of someone’s life. I mean, there’s a ton of fun stuff I don’t post on Instagram mostly because I am super weird about what my feed looks like. So if I am not posting every fun moment I am having, people are obviously not posting their bad moments. This reminded me of a post Shannon wrote a couple years ago, which I cannot believe I remember, but she was right. It’s easy to get caught up into what “appears” to be the perfect life, but who wants to post all the bad moments? I sure don’t. 

I think there are a lot of expectations of what the perfect college experience is supposed to be like between movies, TV shows, and the edited life of the people who we know, and I think we easily forget that the “perfect” experience is different for everyone. For me, I don’t like going out all that much, but for other people, they do like going out. For me, I loved going to all the football games, but for others, that’s not their style. There’s a lot of pressure to love college and do it in a way that seems normal, but there is no normal way to do college. The only way to do college is to do it your way.

xx, jKm


Friday Favorites


I'm going to Disney in March for my spring break, and this Parkbound Lilo & Stitch button is too perfect.

Meghan's Bachelorette/Bachelor "audition" tape had me in tears. She and Lily are so funny. (Also I feel like this is the moment to announce that I love the Bachelor, and I have seen almost every season.)

I am going back to school this weekend, and I am so excited to start classes again. If you follow me on Pinterest, you could probably guess that because I've been pinning so much "study inspiration."

Wrapsody has such cute sorority gifts! I really love the Theta lavalier necklace.

Speaking of Theta, this "Faith Hope Love" mantra band is a must. Faith Hope Love is a huge part of our sorority, and this bracelet is perfect.

I recently got this dress from Old Navy, and it's perfect. Right now the size selection isn't great online because it is on sale, so if you can't find your size, check out your local store.

xx, jKm


101 in 1001 Update

Y'all remember this? I barely do. When I created my list, I had a lot of goals and dreams that I thought could easily be accomplished. Obviously I didn't complete my list, and everything on the list is still something I want to do. However, I did accomplish a lot more than I thought I did so yay!

When I look back on the list, it's so funny to think about how old I was and where I was in life when I wrote it. I was finishing up my sophomore year of high school, and I definitely didn't know what was about to hit me in the next 1001 days. My idea as a 16 year old of what my life would be like in December 2016 is so different than what it turned out to be. It's hard to make a list of things you want to do within 1001 days when you have no idea what can change in those days, and in my life, a lot more changed than I thought would actually happen. Will I make another 101 in 1001 list? Maybe one day. 

xx, jKm


What to Wear: Sorority Semi-Formal/Formal

School doesn't start back for me until next Wednesday the 11th, but the new semester means more formals and semi-formals. Since everyone is home for the holidays, this is the perfect time to find a dress if your formal or semi-formal is coming up in the next couple of months. Theta had our semi-formal in November, and you can see what I wore here and here. Our formal is at the end of February, and I am so excited to show you guys what I am going to wear, but you'll have to wait until formal actually happens to see my dress. In the meantime...

Today I am sharing with y'all some of my picks for dresses for both events. I know our formal has a theme, so I tried to include dresses that could fit into a lot of different categories for themes, and I tried to pick dresses that could fit into any price range. I had way too much fun online shopping, so fair warning: it's a long but exciting post.

xx, jKm


Seven Goals for 2017

Originally I was going to create 17 Goals for 2017, but if you think about it, that's a lot of goals, like too many. Instead I cut down from 17 to seven because that's much more reasonable. Two years ago I talked about how I don't really love the term "resolutions," so I always make goals rather than resolutions. Last year all my goals were focused on me and becoming a better version of myself. This year I made my goals centered around doing more. I've talked about how I feel like I created a really good foundation for some things, and I want to continue to these habits in the new year. 
Be more willing to fail | I hate failing. Obviously, no one loves to fail, but I almost never put myself in a position where I can fail, which is not a good thing. I applied to colleges that I knew I would get into. I applied for scholarships that I knew I would get. I only applied for positions in high school that I knew I would be the best fit for. 

I don't take a lot risks, and I rarely do something unless I know I can do it 100%. I miss out on a lot of opportunities because of this year, and this upcoming semester I am determined to try new things and apply for positions even if I am not completely sure that I will get it. I mean, who knows? Something great could come out from finally going out on a limb. 

Be more productive | This past month has been an incredibly productive one for me. I've loved being home because I have had time to work on anything I've wanted to instead of having to prioritize school, friends, and blogging. 

I want to take this motivation into the new year. I know it might be a little hard once I am back taking classes, but I also have an absurd amount of free time in between classes. Instead of letting that time be wasted by just sitting around, I always want to be working toward something whether it be getting ahead in school or creating more for Sass del Sur. 

Study more | The next two goals go along with being more productive. School has never been that hard for me, so I've never really had to study before coming to college. Last semester I studied more than I ever did in high school, but I still didn't study a lot compared to some people. My grades were good, but I know my grades could have been better if I tried just a little harder than I did. My biggest goal for my grades is to make either President's List or Dean's List for spring semester and fall semester. I know I can do it, especially if I put a little more work into everything. 

Create more | Like I said, I want to spend more time creating for this blog. During the first semester, I really needed a creative outlet, and I let the blog fall by the wayside even though I needed it. I know I always say this, but I want to start doing more with this blog. Maybe if I keep saying it, one day my dream will come true. I have a few ideas of what I want to do, and I am already really excited about it all. 

Read more books | I read a lot more in 2016 than I have in previous years, but once I got to school, I never felt like reading anymore. I got a lot of books for Christmas, and I want to implement reading into my routine because I always feel better when I make time to read. 

Read more reliable news | More reading! I figure I am a communications major, and I should be reading more news. However, reading any ole news isn't enough; I need to be reading reliable news to truly be informed. I know my family has an online subscription to the New York Times, and I think I am going to try to start reading the Wall Street Journal and BBC's website more. 

Explore more | Over the spring and summer, I got really into going state parks and going on hikes. I love exploring so much. I don't have a car at school right now, so it's hard to get to Alabama state parks, so this goal might have to wait until I get back from school for the summer. However, I do there are some places on campus that I can go to and explore. Maybe I'll convince Emma to go with me.

xx, jKm