Friday Favorites

How perfect is this outfit? I decided the other day that I wish my style fell under the category of '70s queen.

I love this shirt so much. It's a little pricey and not really 'my style,' but 🤙🏼  is my favorite emoji.

Also I definitely need this sweatshirt. My friends always make fun of me because I am always napping.

How cute is this tunic from Old Navy? It basically just became winter in Alabama, but I am already wishing for spring weather.

I love songs that have lyrics about places, so I made playlist with all my favorite songs. It's pretty great if I do say so myself. Out of all the songs, this is my absolute favorite.

I absolutely love Hannah's blog, and lately her Pinterest has been one of my favorites. She's a graphic design major, and I love all her pins about graphics and art.

My mom send this Reese Witherspoon article to me so long ago, but I think we could always use a little inspiration from Elle Woods herself.

I've talked about how Krista is one of my favorite bloggers before, but I think this post reallys sums of why is she one of my favorites. (Plus she went to Kentucky, and go Cats)

xx, jKm

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  1. I loved reading that article about Reese Witherspoon!
    xo, Syd