Friday Favorites


If you haven't watched Victoria on PBS, I highly recommend. Queen Victoria is one of my absolutely favorite people in history, and so far the series is done really well. Plus Jenna Coleman is super cute.

The other show I am watching right now is The Young Pope if you couldn't tell by my tweets. I can't tell if I like it yet, but it's defintely interesting. Also the Garbage Time parody is hilarious.

The New York Times did this brief piece on the day in the life of John Calipari, who is the head coach of the Kentucky men's basketball team. There are some really interesting bits in the article.

If y'all were wondering what my new favorite Twitter is...

Right now I am reading The Pine Tar Game, and if you're interested in sports at all, this is a must read, especially if you're into crazy rivalries and history.

xx, jKm

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