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Today I am showing y’all what I carry around campus with me. I loved reading and watching “What’s in My Backpack” post/videos when I was getting ready to go to college. This whole concept of being able to carry a backpack to class was so amazing to me because I hated not being able to do that in high school. I think I complained about it once a week or more when I was in high school.

For reference, I have one class that meets M/W/F, one class that meets M/W, two classes that meet T/R, and one class that is totally online, so I am taking five classes for 14 credit hours. Last semester I took six classes for 16 credit hours, so my course load is a little lighter this semester.

This year I am using the North Face Borealis backpack, which I absolutely love. I highly recommend getting a North Face backpack for college if you can. It’s a really good backpack, and I know it’s going to last me a while. So what’s in my backpack?

Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda in Tusk in Sun | Surprise, surprise my agenda is always with me. I will spend hours just staring at my agenda because I love it so much. I know the Lilly agendas aren't for everyone, but I still really like mine because I can organize it exactly the way I need to. If you want to see how I organize my Lilly agenda, you can check it out here

Computer | Obviously I need my computer. I don’t take notes on my computer because I get super distracted if I do, but I have textbooks and homework online, and I do have a completely online class like I said earlier. Plus, if I get bored of doing homework while at the house, I can watch Netflix or YouTube videos to take a break.

Notebooks | Fun fact: It's really hard to find notebooks in January. I could not find any set of notebooks that were what I wanted at all, and it frustrated me for about a week. I settled on doing two 3-subject notebooks, which is an idea I got from Meredith. I am planning on doing a more in-depth look into how I organize everything for school later this month once I settle into more of a routine with all my classes.

Textbooks | Honestly, textbooks are my least favorite thing to carry around, and this semester I am taking three reading based classes. Normally I carry around my Southern Studies course reader and literature book on Mondays and Wednesday then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I just carry my public relations textbook. I don't normally need my textbooks in class except my American literature class, but I like having my textbooks with me. That way I can read when I have down time rather than waiting until I get back to my dorm after dinner.

Pencil Case | I’ve had this pencil case since senior year, and it’s still going strong almost two years later. I always feel ridiculous pulling out my pencil case during class, but since I carry two sets of colored pens with me at all times, I know it’s necessary. I also hate when my pens are just floating around in my backpack because I don't want to lose any. I love these colored pens, and these are my absolute favorite black pens.

Headphones | After class I normally head over to my sorority house to do homework because it’s closer to my classes than my dorm, and let's be real, if I go back to my dorm, I am taking a nap. #NapQueen Sometimes the house can be really loud if it’s close to meal time, so if I am working on homework or trying to study, I’ll just listen to music to block out the conversations, and also it’s nice because it lets my friends know that I am working on stuff and don’t want to talk right then. 

Water Bottle | In my bid day bag, we got Camelbak water bottles, and I am still obsessed with mine. Since we got them before initiation, they don’t have our letters on them, which kinda sucks, but I still love it. Since my entire pledge class got one, I got a gold monogram (our colors are black and gold) to make sure I don’t lose it in the mix of PC ’16 water bottles.

Vaseline | I discovered the miracle of Vaseline last year when it was winter and my lips were chapped all the time. Now I can't live without it. I don't love the feeling it leaves on my lips because it's super thick, but once it "sinks" in my skin, I feel so much better. I usually also carry the Honeysuckle Honeydew EOS, and I know they aren't the best lip balm, but the honeysuckle reminds me of home. 

Sometimes I’ll have gum or Clif bars, but honestly that depends on 1. if I have money, and 2. if I felt like going to Publix when I run out of stuff.

xx, jKm

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