Friday Favorites | 3/10

Today is the day! Spring Break is finally here! Today I am going back to Georgia with my dad, and I will be home for four days. BUT then my dad and I are going to Disney World and Clearwater for Phillies spring training. I am so excited because if you didn't know, my dad is one of my best friends, and I absolutely love going on trips with him. We went to Disney with my older sister my sophomore year of high school when he ran the marathon. Definitely be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (jujukachoo) for all my adventures. :)

Okay let's hope into my favorites this week...

For our sisterhood event last week, we went to Lake Harris, which is right outside Tuscaloosa close to Northport. It took a while to get there because Emma and I got super lost, but it was definitely worth it! The view is so nice, and the weather was absolutely perfect for a lake day.

I found this article about Michele Roberts on Wednesday when it was International Women's Day. It's an older article - it's from 2 years ago - but I still think it's really interesting. I didn't even know she was the executive direction of the NBPA.

Lately I have been loving Katherine's videos. I think it's because they are more relatable to me since I am in college. Her advice is amazing, and so are her vlogs.

I need this shirt. That's all.

I think Laura Kane's advice for communicators is super important, and I hope to start implementing some of her advice as I go along in building a career.

The latest Avett Brothers album is crazy good, and lately I've been obsessed with "Ain't No Man."

Happy Friday, y'all!!
xx, jKm


  1. If you have the time, please put together a post of all the food you eat in Disney World.


    1. Thank you for the idea! I'll be sure to include that in my post. :)