Freshman Year Reflection

I cannot believe freshman year is basically over. Today I have my last (and only) final for my accounting class at 8 am, and then I am officially done with classes and am moving out tonight. This past school year challenged me a lot. Between going through sorority recruitment, realizing college isn't perfect, and missing my family and some of my friends way too much, freshman year was without a doubt harder than any year of high school.

College wasn't necessarily harder academically for me (except accounting, which kicked my butt), but it was harder emotionally. I wouldn't necessarily say I was more anxious, and I really didn't have that many anxiety attacks after the first couple of months, but the first year of college was definitely emotionally draining in a way that I have never experienced, and it was filled with way too many unknowns. I am definitely a creature of habit, yet for the entire year, I never felt like I got truly settled. I mean, I do the exact same stuff every single day essentially, but I never like I had a set routine or felt like I hadn't just been uprooted. That was a really hard feeling for me because I've never felt like that. Moving to Tuscaloosa for college was the first time I had moved in my entire life. I've lived in the same house in the same room for 18 years, so moving into a dorm was weird, and it never truly felt like my space like my room as home did.

I am a creature of habit, but I am also a creature of plans, and college definitely doesn't care about your plans. I am the person who constantly has a ten year plan in place, and college has made me accept that planning ten years into the future is not exactly possible. While I no longer have ten year plans, I still have plans until I graduate because I didn't abandon all (or any) of my Type A personality traits. When I came to college, I was a public relations major double minoring in general business and American studies, and I was probably going to graduate in 3.5 years. But then I realized I didn't want to graduate early and double majoring in marketing made a whole lot more sense than having two minors. Now instead of graduating early, I am struggling to fit all the classes I need to graduate on time, but don't worry, I have a detailed color coordinated four year schedule planned out on a nice Excel Spreadsheet. ;)

It's only been a year since I've graduated high school, but I feel like more happened in the past year than the four years of high school combined, and I definitely feel a lot older, which is weird because I almost never feel older. But I also feel like the older I get the more I realize I have no idea what I am doing. College makes you grow up and fast, yet I've quickly realized that while I am 19 (#BamaLegal), I am nowhere near being an adult. I've also come to realize that is okay. It's okay to be 19, living on my own for the first time, and not know what exactly I am doing. I've learned about being an "adult" this year but also about still being a kid. Freshman year went by really fast, and now I only have three more years until I have to be a real adult. Scary, right? Yeah, I have to think about important decisions like trying to get an internship/experience and making good grades, but I think it's good to remember that date parties, movie nights, and Cookout runs are going to be just as vital to my college experience as the professional stuff I do.

As for this summer, I don't exactly know what's going to happen. I'll be back in Tuscaloosa for a week working a communications camp, and I've applied for a couple other things that I am hoping to hear back from soon. **fingers crossed** Other than that everything is a little up in the air. I do know I want to spend a ton of time with my family and friends from high school while also decluttering my life, but I'll be sure to capture every single adventure (or at least most of them...).

xx, jKm


  1. I loved this. What are you doing over the summer?

    1. Mostly spending time with my family and friends, but I'll be working a communications camp back at Alabama in July!

  2. Congrats lady on completing a huge milestone...your freshman year!! lol but seriously I totally know what you mean about feeling like more happened in that one year, heck in ONE semester then in all FOUR years of hs!!! Have a restful, adventure filled summer.

    Grace | miss-graciela.blogspot.com

    1. Time has become such a weird concept to me since I've gone to college!! I hope you have a great summer too, Grace!