Friday Favorites | 6/30

Today is our last full day in Asheville, and while I am super sad to be leaving the mountains, I am incredibly grateful for our time here. It was exactly what I needed. I'll have a recap of everything we did up next week. 

Okay so I am like 3 months late on this, but I finally listened to Grace Helbig's podcast episode with Meghan Rienks. I absolutely love both Grace and Meghan so much, and I was laughing out loud in the car when I was listening to this on our way to North Carolina.

I love Ted Talks so much, and I have a habit of binge-watching them. This one on city flags is one of the best talks I have ever watched. I tweeted about it when I watched it, and I have thought about it basically every day since then. Roman Mars brings up a lot of things I have never thought about with flags but also gives good advice for design in general.

I wear a lot of t-shirts, so I love when I can get t-shirts that give back to a good cause. I have recently found a company that will donate to environmental causes. I got this shirt while I was in Asheville, and it's so soft, and it illustrates one of my favorite concepts about nature. (And it's a local brand!!)

I got this shirt from Gap two weeks ago, and it's so cute and girly and is going to be perfect for the end of summer/beginning of fall when it's still 90 degrees out.

AdWeek did these mini-profiles on 35 of the most powerful women in sports, and it was so inspiring to read about these women working in all aspects of sports from being CEO of a sports social media brand to the owner of a professional team.

xx, jKm


June Favorites

It's been a hot minute since I've done a monthly favorites post. Honestly it's because at school I'm not going to Target picking up little things every week or really shopping at all, but now that I've been home for two months I have racked up some new favorites and have rediscovered some old tried and trues.

TRESemmé Reverse System (Shampoo and Conditioner) | I've been wanting to try this shampoo/conditioner combination since Meghan worked with TRESemmé last year, so yeah it's been on my try-list for a while. The last shampoo I bought made my head super itchy, so I basically ran to Target and finally picked up this stuff to try because I remembered it existed.

Y'all, I love this shampoo, which I feel like I say about a lot of shampoos, but this stuff is amazing and is probably my favorite that I have tried. So I have a pretty big head, and I hate when my hair is flat because it throws off everything in my mind. I also have a lot of super thin hair, so my hair is easily weighed down by product. The reverse system changes all this because I get to have super soft hair that isn't weighed down by the conditioner once it dries. ...if any of that makes sense, but I love this stuff and high recommend trying it out.

MAC Powder Blush in Peaches | This is essentially the only blush I use, even in the winter, but this is the perfect blush for the summer. It's the perfect pinkish (kinda orange?) coral in my opinion, and I am definitely leaning into the "wearing too much blush even though I am wearing leggings" look that I have been rocking this summer.

Vaseline Lip Therapy
 | I've been using the Vaseline lip therapy for almost two years now, and it's still my go-to for when my lips feel dry. I've started using it at night before I go to sleep, and that extra step has changed my life. Obviously my lips aren't super dry in the summer like they are in the winter, but they just feel so much better since I've started applying the Vaseline before I go to sleep. It also repairs my lips because I bite my lips when I am stressed or nervous.

St. Ives Oil Scrub | Another Target pick up. My skin has been kind of funky since I got back from college. I'm not breaking out a ton, but my skin has been super rough/bumpy. I've used St. Ives before, and I chose the Apricot because it had the highest exfoliation factor compared to the other oil scrubs which a lower factor. This stuff is gritty, and it's fantastic. After the first time I used it, my skin felt smoother and overall less gross.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste | Is it weird to have a toothpaste as a favorite? Maybe. Can y'all tell I went to Target this month? Honestly I picked up this kind because Brooke mentioned it in her May Favorite video, and the toothpaste/toothbrush aisle overwhelms me, so I just grabbed the last toothpaste I had heard about. There are too many options for anyone's own good, so I grabbed it and ran away. After three days I noticed that my teeth seemed whiter, which I will definitely take.

Harry Styles | Last week I shared with y'all my summer playlist, and I seriously had to hold back from putting the entire Harry Styles album on there. I am absolutely obsessed with the album, and for a good week it was the only thing I was listening to. I've cut back slightly, so I could listen to other new music, but I mostly listened to this for the month of June. I was going to share with y'all my favorite songs from the album, but I started listening to it, and my favorites kept changing!! The entire album is so good. Also I've definitely watched Carpool Harry-oke more than enough times. P.S. I get to see Harry Styles next summer in Nashville!!!

Melodrama | Best. Album. Ever. When I am not listening to Harry Styles, I am listening to Melodrama. Every moment on this album calls to me and makes me feel not alone. Something I forget all the time is that Lorde are super close in age (she's 20 and I'm 19). This album came out at the perfect time and just feels like everything I have ever thought and wanted to put into words. Much like Harry Styles, I honestly don't have a favorite song. My favorite lyric changes every time I listen through the album. It's perfect.

Oh, Hello on Broadway on Netflix | I love John Mulaney and Nick Kroll. I've watched John Mulaney's comedy specials way too many times, and I saw The Comeback Kid with my sister, and then I think I've seen every episode of the League at least twice. Obviously I was super excited when I saw their Broadway show Oh, Hello was coming to Netflix. The show definitely combines the best part of their humors, and it made me so excited for John Mulaney's new comedy show that's happening this fall.

xx, jKm


7 Game Day Essentials

Is it bad that I am already counting down the days to fall and football season? This past season at Bryant-Denny was amazing to say the least. This season I'll actually be working during games (It's something football related!), so I figured because my game day experiences will be a little different in the fall, I would share with y'all my essentials for game day. I am definitely going to be living vicariously through everyone else's game days, but don't worry; I am super excited for what I am doing in the fall. Today I am sharing my game day essentials, and these are probably better suited for a game day down South, but that's the only one I've ever experienced!
Sunscreen | This may be an obvious to some, but I swear, everyone I know got sunburnt during our first home game. I wore a face sticker to the first game, and I had a script "A" burnt onto my face. Not a super cute look. Sunscreen is super important, especially if you're a freshman at Alabama!! Freshmen normally sit in the upper section of the stadium where there is basically no shade. During the Kent State game aka the hottest game on record, one side of my back got sunburnt, and 11 am kickoffs are not friendly to those of us with pale skin, Let's be real, neither is skin cancer.

Sunglasses | Along with sunscreen, this might be another "duh," but I promise you, just remember your sunglasses for the morning games. Your life will be better because of it. Personally, I always brought my cheap Target sunglasses because I didn't mind if they somehow got lost or broken while I was at the game or the tailgates.

Game Day Button | I know this is really big thing down South, but all the sorority girls wear buttons with their letters on them and their team name. I loved wearing my "Theta Loves the Tide" button every weekend, but even if you're not in a sorority, you can still wear a game day button. A lot of them have funny sayings on them or say "Beat *Team Name Here*." You can pretty much get one anywhere that sells Alabama fan gear in Tuscaloosa, so I imagine it's the same on other campuses, and if you're in a sorority, you'll be able to get one from your t-shirt chair before the season starts!

Comfortable Shoes | Like I said, at Alabama freshmen sit in the very upper section of the stadium, and it's a hike to get there. For the love of your feet, wear comfortable shoes. You have to commit to the shoes you wear to a game because taking them off is not an option. 1. It's not a cute look, and 2. you have no idea what's on the ground in or around the stadium. My favorites options are these sandals from Target or Converse or comfortable boots once it gets cold. But if you really want to wear your super cute wedges, wear flats to the game and bring the wedges in a bag with you and change once you reach upper bowl. This is something I've actually seen a girl do, and it's pretty smart in my opinion.

Clear Bag | Speaking of bags, if you are going to a SEC school, you have to have a clear bag. This is something the conference implemented recently, and it's modeled after the NFL policy. (I know some Big10 schools won't even let you bring bags in.) You can get a clear bag almost everywhere during the season, or you can order one so you're prepared rather than scrambling to find one during the weekend. However, if that's not your style/you don't carry that much stuff, I recommend the New Stadium Crossbody from Barrington, which is designed specifically with the stadium regulations in mind.

Jersey | In the South, most girls wear super cute game day dresses, but personally, I was all about wearing my AJ McCarron jersey last season. (It became my lucky jersey after I put it on during the second half of the Ole Miss game.) Jerseys are super great for away games, super hot games, and spring games. Jerseys are a also good staple for college in general too because they work for like 85% of the themed events you'll have. Obviously generic team ones are going to be cheaper, but I loved having a player specific one, especially because McCarron was one of the reasons I started liking Alabama football.

Shaker | There's no reason to buy one before the game because you can easily find one in the stadium, especially for the first game of the season, and I promise you they will pile up in your dorm by the end of the season. I think I brought home like 5 or 6, and I swear only two of them are actually mine. Stick 'em in your boots. Stick 'em in your pockets. Just make sure you have one because singing the fight song is a whole lot more fun when you have one.

xx, jKm


Friday Favorites | 6/23

Before we get into my favorites of this week, I wanted to share with y'all something important. Last spring one of my sorority sisters committed suicide after transferring schools. In the fall she was raped in downtown Tuscaloosa, and the institutions put in place to protect her did not. BuzzFeed News posted their report on this case yesterday. It's a hard read, but we must continue to tell Megan's story and fight to protect women with stories like hers.

I loved, loved, loved this interview with Grace Emery on The Everygirl! I found it while I was scrolling through Pinterest for articles about PR advice, and Grace's perspective about going back and being an intern after having already worked in PR was super interesting. 

I found Sally's blog recently, and I absolutely love her style. She's abroad right now, so her content is extra amazing because of her outfits and all the scenery in Europe! Just like her blog, her Instagram is equally beautiful.

I am going to see Harry Styles next summer (*screams*), and I am already on the hunt for an outfit. While I certainly have a ton of time to find the perfect outfit, this dress from Show Me Your Mumu is defintely going to be used as inspiration.

Rex Chapman contributed to the most recent Sports Illustrated's Point After, and his story is incredible and important. He brings the opioid problem in America and the urgency to do something about it rather than letting it continue to destroy lives.

My parents and I are going to Asheville, North Carolina next week to celebrate my mom's birthday, and I am so pumped. I haven't been in a couple years, and I am so excited to explore, hike, and go see some single A baseball!

HAIM's new album comes out in two weeks, and between that, Harry Styles, and Melodrama, it is going round of the summer of perfect music for me.

I picked up this black shift dress the other day from Versona, and it's one of the cutest dresses I own.

xx, jKm


Summer 2017 Playlist

This summer has been good to me music wise between Harry Styles' new album, Lorde's new album, and HAIM's album, which comes out in two weeks. Today I wanted to share with y'all songs that have been on repeat. Some are new and some are old, but I can't get enough of them. I did restrain myself from putting all of Harry Styles' new music and all of Lorde's new music on this playlist, but those are albums are mostly what I've been listening to. You can find this playlist on my Spotifty. Happy listening!! ☺️

xx, jKm


A Day at SunTrust Park

Y'all, I finally got to go to SunTrust Park for the first time this season. You might recall that Turner Field and the Braves went their separate ways after last season, and this season marked the first one played at SunTrust Park. After weeks of waiting for a decent series to happen on the weekend, my dad, my sister, and I made the trip up to Cumberland for a game against the Marlins.

Verdict? I didn't love it. SunTrust Park is on the north side of Atlanta, and I am from the south side of the city. Now it takes an extra hour or so to actually get to the stadium, and there's no public transportation that takes you to the stadium, which is super inconvenient. The area the new stadium is kind of weird, too. It's not Atlanta; it's just outside of the city limits, so you definitely don't feel like you're in the city. However, the Battery, the part surrounding the stadium, is beautiful. There are a lot of stores and bars, and it looked like a lot more business were going to be coming to the area in the future.

But I'll be real. Nothing wowed me. Everything was super nice, but something felt off. I think it was because nothing really made the stadium feel like the Braves' stadium. The stadium faces south, so you can see the Atlanta skyline, but it's blocked by other buildings in the Battery, and what you can see is in the distance. To me the best stadiums are inherently part of a city. The view of PNC Park is breathtaking because you can see the bridge, the water, and the skyline, and the same goes for Busch Stadium. SunTrust Park is beautiful and a whole lot cleaner than Turner Field ever was, but I didn't feel like it was the Braves' stadium, and I didn't feel like I was in Atlanta.

As someone who didn't grow up a Braves fan, it's not really worth the effort of driving almost 2 hours to get to the stadium to see a team I am not a fan of play, especially if they are playing another team I don't really care about. Back when they played at Turner Field, it was so easy to go to games that my dad and I would just go to games to see baseball. Now if the Phillies or another team I like aren't in town, it makes it hard to want to go see a game. I can, however, see how the newness makes it exciting to see the Braves play for people who are Braves fans.

xx, jKm


What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment | Round 4

Happy Friday! Today is the last part in my week long series about what to wear for sorority recruitment. On Monday, I talked about Rounds 1 and 2. On Wednesday, I talked about Round 3, and today I am talking about the most important day: Round 4 aka Preference Round. Pref night is the last night you visit houses before bid day. It's an incredibly emotional day, or at least it was for me, and this is the nicest day for outfits.

At some schools, PNMs wear a certain color dress like black or white. I know at UGA all PNMs wear black dresses for pref night, but at Alabama PNMs can wear any color they want. The general idea for what to wear is something you would wear to an evening wedding. Shift dresses work really well, and dresses with lace details and chiffon work too! For heels I defintely recommend block heels because they're easier to walk in and more comfortable.

I didn't create a bid day look because they are so different from school to school. As for Bid Day at Alabama, PNMs wear shorts, a tank, and comfortable shoes to run to their house in because once you get to your new house, you put on a lettered jersey over your tank. I know some schools like UGA and Kentucky have PNMs wear white dresses. Again, check to see if your school has any specific guidelines for what to wear on Bid Day.

I hope this series was at least a little bit helpful for y'all! It's super important to remember that what I picked is all stuff I would wear, so if your style doesn't match mine, don't think you have to change what you're comfortable in to fit the stereotype because you want to be in a house that accepts you for you, not what you think a sorority girl looks like.

Again you can see what I wore in this post, and you can read all about my recruitment experience here. I have a couple more sorority themed posts coming up in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout for those.
xx, jKm


What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment | Round 3

Hey y'all! On Monday I started my series on what to wear for sorority recruitment. Monday's post focused on Rounds 1 and 2, and today's post is going to focus on Round 3. At Alabama Round 3 is called Sisterhood Round. I know at some school's this might be called Skit Round, but a lot of schools are moving away from that and instead having a sisterhood focused round or a philanthropy focused round if they didn't have one already.

Round 3 is pretty similar to Round 1 in terms of outfits except everything is elevated a little bit. Your dresses are a step up from the first round, and at this point you will switch out sandals for heels or wedges. With the dresses fabrics can definitely make the dress either more casual or nicer, so for round 3 the dresses should be less sundress-y and closer to the idea of a nice shift dress.

While I recommend wearing comfortable heels/wedges while you're in the house, bring shoes to change into! There's a lot of down time between parties at this point because you don't have as many as parties by this point, and your feet will thank you when you can walk back to your dorm in Chacos rather than wedges. (Fun fact: This was the round where I ran from one end of the row to the other in pouring rain. I picked taking off my shoes rather than grabbing my umbrella.)

Again, if you want to see what I wore last year, you can check that out here, and you can see the rest of my sorority themed posts here. Check back on Friday for Round 4 aka Preference Round!
xx, jKm


What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment | Rounds 1 + 2

Deciding what to wear for sorority recruitment might be one of the most stressful things in the world. Obviously I am joking, but during the process of picking out your outfits, it can seem like that. I think I sent 50 snapchats to my best friend, Christina, over the course of a month and had her pick what I was going to wear. I also think I tried on every outfit I was going to wear once a week until recruitment. I stressed out way too much about what I wore, so I know the feeling of worrying about what you're going to wear. That's why this week's post are going to be dedicated to figuring out what to wear during each round of rush. I know each school is different, and while the rounds might be switched up, you generally wear the same thing at each school just sometimes in a different order, but the order I am going in is the order Alabama does everything since that's what I know.

Today I am talking about the first two rounds, which at Alabama are Ice Water Teas (also known as Open House) and Philanthropy round. At Alabama, PNMs wear sundresses and sandals for IWTs and then shorts and a t-shirt that provided by Panhellenic for Philanthropy round. Overall my biggest tip for figuring out what to wear is to shop your closet first. You don't have to go out and spend a ton of money, and you probably already have some pieces that will be perfect for recruitment.

For the first round, dresses are definitely the most casual. I actually wore the J.Crew Daybreak dress on both days. Super comfortable and easy to wear, which I think is the most important part about deciding what to wear. Even though the dresses weren't brand new, I felt comfortable in them. With dresses, I think something that is important is the material of your dress because you want it to be breathable but not something that will wrinkle easily.

As for shoes I wore Jack Rogers, which I think work really well as long as they're broken in. Definitely wear flat sandals for the sundress round/the first round because you are visiting all of the houses this day, and you're standing and walking pretty much all day.

For the second round/the t-shirt round, wear shorts. Don't wear a skirt!! At Alabama during this round a lot of the time you are sitting on the ground, and wearing a skirt makes that so much harder. I sat on the ground for three of the eight houses I went to for philanthropy round. Like I said the shirts you wear will be provided by Panhellenic and are covered in your recruitment registration fee. Usually on your school's Panhellenic website they will provide a picture of what the shirt looks like, so you can match your shorts to the shirt.

For shoes I again recommended wear flat sandals just because of the amount of walking you will be doing, but with this round since you're wearing a t-shirt and shorts, definitely have fun with your shoes and show off your style and personality.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday and Friday for Rounds 3 and 4!
xx, jKm


Friday Favorites | 6/9/17

Ugh, I want to go back to Savannah so bad.

How cute is this Alabama shirt? If you're a UGA fan, they have a ton of cute shirts.

Literally every girl at Alabama has these shoes, and I think I might bite the bullet and get them before I go back to school. All my friends say they're super comfortable!

Brandon Marshall's advocacy for mental is so important, and I've been following his story for a while. He contributed this piece about stigma to the Player's Tribune, and it's amazing.

Y'all know how those tassel and ball drop earrings are super trendy and pretty expensive? Charming Charlie has both options for pretty cheap! Last weekend I picked up this blue tassel pair and white ball drop ones.

AdWeek did a piece about the lasting influence of Lilly Pulitzer and how the audience has shifted from elites to everyone.

In one of her most recent videos, Abby, who also goes to Alabama, talks about thoughts of transferring and her fears, and I think she did a really good job with explaining how she felt and how she came to make her decision to stay. 

Somehow I missed the second Domino's/Ferris Bueller ad in the spring??? I remember when the first one came out, and I was obsessed with it. 

Speaking of Stranger Things, this Lip Sync Battle is so cute. I love that LL Cool J starts singing along.

We call all agree that we are super pumped for Lorde's new album, right?

xx, jKm


Act Southernly

In the state of Alabama, alone, there are 10,000 children who are identified as needing a Court Appointed Special Advocate or a CASA. If y'all didn't know, CASA is Theta's national philanthropy, and in the last year, it's become a cause very close to my heart. CASAs do a lot of work with children in foster care, and in the South, there are over 100,000 kids in foster care. I fully believe in giving as much as I can to CASA and the foster care system in general because no child should have to go through that pain.

Shirt: Y'allsome // Skirt: Target // Shoes: Old Navy

Enter Y'allsome. Y'all know how I am a sucker for anything that relates to the South and has Southernisms, but the best part about Y'allsome is that they donate 10% of their profits to help Southern foster kids, which is amazing. They described their company as "Southern goods that do good."

One of my best friends, Christina, and I went to the Georgia Aquarium last week, and after we at lunch, she helped me take these photos in Centennial Olympic Park, a perfect place to show off this shirt.
xx, jKm


20 Hours in Nashville

I love Nashville. It's one of my cities ever, and I fall in love a little bit more every time I go. My parents went to a concert in Nashville last Friday and luckily I convinced them to let me tag along. While we were only in the city for about 20 hours, it was the perfect weekend away, and the perfect way to start off June, which I've always considered the start of summer.

After we checked into our hotel, my dad and I walked around downtown and walked down Broadway. It was the Friday afternoon before Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals so you could imagine how loud and crazy the bars were. I thought it was really interesting to see how into the Predators the city was. I wasn't in Atlanta during the Falcons Super Bowl appearance, so I haven't been in a city during playoffs like this before. The atmosphere was amazing. 

On Saturday we went to 12 South, which is probably one of the most popular areas in Nashville besides Broadway. This is the area where most of the murals are and of the course, the ever famous "I Believe in Nashville" mural. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of Nashville. My parents and I went around 9:30, so there weren't a ton of people there, which made it easier to explore. 

Most of the shops open at 10, and we first stopped at White's Mercantile. It's this really cool general store with a ton of knick-knacks and cool, Southern products. I got this shirt while I was there, and we got these Johnny & June pins for my sister. 

After White's Mercantile, we went to the main reason for doing to 12 South: Draper James! I've been twice, and both times I fell in love with the store, style, and the South each time. Reese Witherspoon has the most amazing style, and honestly, it's a store that truly reflects classic Southern style in my opinion. 

Once we finished shopping we did my favorite thing to do in Nashville: eat! We went to Martin's BBQ because we had been smelling good pork all day. It was a really cool restaurant, and of course, I got a pulled pork sandwich and mac and cheese. Also, I think this shirt is hilarious.

You can check out my (food) recap of my last trip to Nashville here!
xx, jKm


Fashion Fears + Try-Day Friday

Y'all, I am so excited about today's post because it's centered around something I am so passionate about and think is something that's not talked about of whole lot in the blogging/fashion world: plus size fashion. Almost three years ago I wrote rambly blog post about what is was like to be a size that is not typical made in the fashion world, and here we are three years later. My body is something I still struggle with, and there are still days where I truly hate trying on clothes because I am positive that something will be wrong. The sleeves will cut into my arms weirdly. There is a seam that probably runs directly across my chest. It's going to be just too short to even be considered a dress. These fears have a tendency to hinder my willingness to try new trends or even wear some of the clothes I already have.

This is where Try-Day Friday comes in. Try-Day Friday is something Dia & Co, a curated fashion experience for women sizes 12-22, does in their office where everyone steps out of their box and faces their fashion fears. I love this idea. There are so many times where I will put something on, and all my roommates will tell me it's cute, but then I'll change into something I've worn before because I feel safer in it. Try-Day Friday is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone for one day and trying something you've always wanted to try. I think it's easier to break out of your comfort zone if it's planned because then there's one less factor you have to worry about.

For me a lot of the time I won't try things because I am worried about how my body looks in the clothes, and Dia & Co.'s entire mission is to find clothes for plus sized women that are stylish and fit their bodies and help women be confident in trying new things, which is something I am all about. I think this Instagram post perfectly sums up everything, so here's my Try-Day Friday.

Dress: TJ Maxx (similar: 1 // 2) | Shoes: Jack Rogers | Lipstick: NYX

Today I am embracing an item that I am always nervous to wear - off the shoulder dresses. As much as I love both off the shoulder dresses and own a lot of them, I rarely wear them! I don't wear off the shoulder dresses a ton because I hate pulling them down constantly, but I found this nifty little trick to help keep your sleeves in place thanks to Refinery29!

I hope y'all are feeling a little more encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone and face some of your fashion fears! 
xx, jKm