Fashion Fears + Try-Day Friday

Y'all, I am so excited about today's post because it's centered around something I am so passionate about and think is something that's not talked about of whole lot in the blogging/fashion world: plus size fashion. Almost three years ago I wrote rambly blog post about what is was like to be a size that is not typical made in the fashion world, and here we are three years later. My body is something I still struggle with, and there are still days where I truly hate trying on clothes because I am positive that something will be wrong. The sleeves will cut into my arms weirdly. There is a seam that probably runs directly across my chest. It's going to be just too short to even be considered a dress. These fears have a tendency to hinder my willingness to try new trends or even wear some of the clothes I already have.

This is where Try-Day Friday comes in. Try-Day Friday is something Dia & Co, a curated fashion experience for women sizes 12-22, does in their office where everyone steps out of their box and faces their fashion fears. I love this idea. There are so many times where I will put something on, and all my roommates will tell me it's cute, but then I'll change into something I've worn before because I feel safer in it. Try-Day Friday is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone for one day and trying something you've always wanted to try. I think it's easier to break out of your comfort zone if it's planned because then there's one less factor you have to worry about.

For me a lot of the time I won't try things because I am worried about how my body looks in the clothes, and Dia & Co.'s entire mission is to find clothes for plus sized women that are stylish and fit their bodies and help women be confident in trying new things, which is something I am all about. I think this Instagram post perfectly sums up everything, so here's my Try-Day Friday.

Dress: TJ Maxx (similar: 1 // 2) | Shoes: Jack Rogers | Lipstick: NYX

Today I am embracing an item that I am always nervous to wear - off the shoulder dresses. As much as I love both off the shoulder dresses and own a lot of them, I rarely wear them! I don't wear off the shoulder dresses a ton because I hate pulling them down constantly, but I found this nifty little trick to help keep your sleeves in place thanks to Refinery29!

I hope y'all are feeling a little more encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone and face some of your fashion fears! 
xx, jKm

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