A Day at SunTrust Park

Y'all, I finally got to go to SunTrust Park for the first time this season. You might recall that Turner Field and the Braves went their separate ways after last season, and this season marked the first one played at SunTrust Park. After weeks of waiting for a decent series to happen on the weekend, my dad, my sister, and I made the trip up to Cumberland for a game against the Marlins.

Verdict? I didn't love it. SunTrust Park is on the north side of Atlanta, and I am from the south side of the city. Now it takes an extra hour or so to actually get to the stadium, and there's no public transportation that takes you to the stadium, which is super inconvenient. The area the new stadium is kind of weird, too. It's not Atlanta; it's just outside of the city limits, so you definitely don't feel like you're in the city. However, the Battery, the part surrounding the stadium, is beautiful. There are a lot of stores and bars, and it looked like a lot more business were going to be coming to the area in the future.

But I'll be real. Nothing wowed me. Everything was super nice, but something felt off. I think it was because nothing really made the stadium feel like the Braves' stadium. The stadium faces south, so you can see the Atlanta skyline, but it's blocked by other buildings in the Battery, and what you can see is in the distance. To me the best stadiums are inherently part of a city. The view of PNC Park is breathtaking because you can see the bridge, the water, and the skyline, and the same goes for Busch Stadium. SunTrust Park is beautiful and a whole lot cleaner than Turner Field ever was, but I didn't feel like it was the Braves' stadium, and I didn't feel like I was in Atlanta.

As someone who didn't grow up a Braves fan, it's not really worth the effort of driving almost 2 hours to get to the stadium to see a team I am not a fan of play, especially if they are playing another team I don't really care about. Back when they played at Turner Field, it was so easy to go to games that my dad and I would just go to games to see baseball. Now if the Phillies or another team I like aren't in town, it makes it hard to want to go see a game. I can, however, see how the newness makes it exciting to see the Braves play for people who are Braves fans.

xx, jKm

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  1. It's odd that the park isn't 'in' the city! But I did had lots of friends at that game!!
    xo, Syd