Friday Favorites | 7/7

I'm in Indiana for the weekend! I am at a leadership conference hosted by Theta, and it's been a great time already.

HAIM's new album is out today!!! *immediately adds to my Summer 2017 vibes playlist*

I think I want to get a thrifted jean jacket and add a ton of patches on it, and these ones from Ban.do would be a good place to start. Also this Dolly Parton Vibes pin would go perfectly.

This post from Gabby about the transition to college is so spot on!

Also Kesha is releasing a new album next month, and summer 2017 continues to be good to me music wise.

While I don't love Hamilton like everyone else, I love the mixtape, and the music video from Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) was released last week. So good, y'all.

Sorry for the short post today! This week has been absolutely hectic with the holiday and then traveling, but I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday. 
xx, jKm

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