162 Games Later

Baseball is over. Well, regular season baseball is over, and the magic of October baseball is just starting, but baseball is over for most teams including mine. 

Over a year ago, I shared why I love baseball, and nothing has changed since that summer. Baseball still holds a sense of magic to me, and I still fall in love with the Phillies every year even though I know they would probably break my heart at least a couple times (And they did). Fair warning: while I love baseball as a whole, this is going to be about the Phillies' season. 

Another 162 games have passed. 162 games filled with fun-to-watch rookies, some good and bad pitching, and some heartbreakers and some games I am honestly surprised they won (like that one against Clayton Kershaw). I've probably cried about baseball 162 times too, especially considering I cried while writing this post. 

Except there were something different about this season, and I don't think I was the only one to feel it. There was a sense of hope by the end of the Phillies' season. The Phillies finished 66-96, not a great record by any means, but it wasn't the worst in baseball, which is definitely an improvement. The next 4 months will be filled with talks about how Rhys Hoskins will top his rookie debut and how Aaron Nola will overcome some midseason difficulties. I'm sure people will be calling for J.P. Crawford to start opening day, and there will be hours of talk about Mickey Moniak's development. And again there will be hope because the Phillies "never let you down.

The Phillies have been there for me through some rough times. I sat watching the Phillies play in the summer of 2011 when I couldn't walk because my knee pain had gotten so bad, and I always know that no matter what the team will be back in February to start spring training. The Phillies have never left me, so why would I leave them after a couple of bad seasons?

I was texting my dad about the Phillies since that's all we talk about, and I said, "April-July were rough. But there's hope." And he said, "That's why we keep coming back every year." So while October baseball gears up for hopefully another magical postseason, I will wait for the pitchers and catchers of the Philadelphia Phillies to report in February and hopefully be able to convince my dad to go to Spring Training again. Also, I'll be keeping up with the 2008 Phillies Twitter. 

xx, Julianna

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