Habit Tracking

I read a tweet the other day that talked about how the first half of January has felt longer than all of 2017, and I very much agree. Maybe it's because I still have yet to have a full week of school (this is my first full week) or because my days usually end around 2:00, which means I have all this newfound free time that I haven't quite figured out what to do with yet. However, because this month feels forever long, I feel like I have had time to work on my goals for 2018, and I feel like I am working toward actual change.


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I think we can all agree that 2017 was an interesting year. (Here is a nice video from John Green about the year, and also Google made me cry this year.) Personally, for a really long time, it was a bad year. I felt stuck for a really long time. I wasn't sure of basically everything in my life. I thought about transferring back home, switching majors to God knows what, and I even considered dropping my sorority at one point. I didn't really feel confident in anything I was doing. Fortunately, the end of the year became a lot better for me. I finally decided to get real help and take care of my mental health in ways I have never done before, and I am feeling (mostly) confident about what I am doing and the direction I am headed.