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I think we can all agree that 2017 was an interesting year. (Here is a nice video from John Green about the year, and also Google made me cry this year.) Personally, for a really long time, it was a bad year. I felt stuck for a really long time. I wasn't sure of basically everything in my life. I thought about transferring back home, switching majors to God knows what, and I even considered dropping my sorority at one point. I didn't really feel confident in anything I was doing. Fortunately, the end of the year became a lot better for me. I finally decided to get real help and take care of my mental health in ways I have never done before, and I am feeling (mostly) confident about what I am doing and the direction I am headed.

The last couple of years have been a lot about focusing on my inward self and getting to the right place mentally, so this year I really want to focus on my outward self and my work since I think I am in a really good place mentally for the first time in a while.

Time + Schedule | The big thing I want to focus on at the beginning of the year is how I spend my time. Last semester my class schedule was awful. I usually got home between 8 and 9 because I had late afternoon/night classes and had to go to late chapter on Wednesdays, and I was always super tired when I got back to my apartment. Luckily my schedule is 1000x better this semester, and the latest I am done with class is 3:45 (one day a week!!), and I am done at 1 or earlier the rest of the week.

Over break, I have been working on creating my "ideal" schedule for each day, so that once I get back to school on the 10th, I don't have to spend the first couple of days planning out a schedule. I am hoping to utilize my time on campus better, so I don't have to do a ton when I get back to my apartment. I also want to start waking up earlier, which I have to do anyway because my days start at 9 or 9:30.

Health | I am not sure if it's a new year if health is left of your list of goals. I've spent a lot of time on my mental health like I said, so I want to focus more on my physical health in the upcoming year. I definitely want to keep my goals realistic since that's the only way I'll ever get anything done. I absolutely love that my sorority feeds me on most days, but that means I basically have access to unlimited snacks. My focus is not necessarily going to be on what I eat at first but more on how much I eat. I also am going to try and schedule going to the rec center/my apartment's gym since my schedule allows for more time this year, and I'm paying for it, so why not use it?

Style | My big Christmas gift from my parents this year was to go shopping. I realized I wasn't entirely happy with my clothes, and I learned that I definitely did not have nice clothes that I could wear when I had meetings. Once I am home for the summer, I am going to do a big purge of my closet and keep the stuff I like. While I am school, I won't entirely give up my leggings and oversized t-shirts because when else am I going to be able to dress like this? But I want to do my hair and makeup more to look a little more presentable when I go to class.

Writing + Reading | I want to start writing again. I say this a lot, but every time I say I hope it sticks. I am taking writing classes for the next two semesters, which I think might help because I truly miss writing, which I haven't regularly done since high school newspaper. I've talked about this before but I don't think I am cut out to be a typical "fashion + lifestyle" blogger, so I am going to use this space to document my life and share my ideas and what I create. Reading is also something I always want to do more of, but I am definitely going to spend a lot of the summer reading like I did two years ago.

Let's do this 2018
xx, Julianna

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