5 Media Companies + Professionals to Follow

Something I've learned in the last two years is how important it is to follow people in the industry you want to get into, especially for people interested in communications. I absolutely love following PR companies and professionals especially sports media professionals, but I also love following ad agencies because I feel like it helps with my creativity a little bit.

MeltATL | Before I talk about the company itself, MeltATL has one of these coolest websites ever, and I think their team page is genius. MeltATL is a sports, culinary and entertainment marketing firm based in you guessed it Atlanta. I love following their work with sports events in Atlanta, especially because they are going to be so many in the upcoming years. They also have a program called MeltU, which is an internship program that allows college students to explore all aspects of their in-house services. Website / Twitter

Wieden + Kennedy | I think I've accepted that it's not weird that I have a favorite ad agency, and if you think it's weird, oh well. W+K was my favorite ad agency before I even realized who they were. They've produced some of the best ads for Nike, and they also created my favorite Delta ad ever. While I am not an advertising major, I like following ad agencies because it's inspiring, and you can still learn PR lessons from advertising. WebsiteTwitter / Instagram 

Adweek | And here's where I found out about Wieden + Kennedy. I subscribe to Adweek's Brand Marketing emails since that definitely something I am interested in, and in the mornings, I will read about what companies are doing with their advertising and marketing. I love watching the ads they share, and more than one of them has made me cry. Even though I mostly focus on their Brand Marketing section, they have sections on agencies, digital ads, TV ads, and creativity. Website / Twitter 

Jessica Smith (WarJessEagle) | I've only been following Jessica for about a month, but I wish I had been following her sooner. Krista aka Covering the Bases posted about her on her Instagram stories a while back. I love her recent post about the Mariners' digital work. While she's an Auburn alum... (just kidding!) she shares such amazing work by publications and teams and shares great insights about the industry. Website / Twitter

Krista Robertson (krista) | I feel like I had to include Krista in here even though most people already know her because of her fashion/lifestyle blog. I definitely started following Krista because not only did she have an amazing blog but she works for MLB, which if you know anything about me is one of my dream jobs. Occasionally she will write posts about her job at MLB, and I absolutely love those posts the best. She also gives some great tips about working in sports media on her Twitter. Website / Twitter / Instagram

Also if you're interested in sports media, check out the #smsports tag.

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