6 Podcasts I am Listening to Right Now

If you follow me on Instagram (hint, hint ;) ), you'll see that I'll occasionally post about what podcasts I am listening to, and I love when people post what they listen to.  There are so many podcasts out there now that I get overwhelmed with the options, so when someone else can help make that decision for me, I am grateful. (I am actually super indecisive when it comes to small decisions like choosing what to watch or listen to...)

Since I hate having to make decisions about what I want to listen to, I thought I would share with y'all six podcasts that I love listening to/have been listening to lately. (Obviously, I don't listen to each one of these every day, but when I am working on small tasks like writing or when I am driving long distances, I will put one on.)

99% Invisible | I. Love. This. Podcast. I am pretty sure I have talked about the flag design Ted Talk on here before, but that talk actually came from this podcast. The thing I love the most about this podcast is that it covers a huge range of topics. There are episodes on city design, NBA jerseys, Oujia boards, and probably anything you're interested in because there are over 300 episodes.

Jen Gotch is Ok...Sometimes | Jen is the founder and CCO of ban.do, and her podcast feels like talking to your best friend. She's super open about her anxiety, depression and bipolar, and she also has amazing advice about business and creative endeavors. There's no set overall topic, so she truly just talks about what's on her mind and what advice she has for listeners. The podcasts are a little all over the place, so if you have trouble following nonlinear storytelling, it might take a minute to get used to.

Getting Curious with JVN | I mentioned listening to this podcast in my June favorites post. Jonathan is the person we all need in our lives, and we can get that with his podcast. The basic premise is that every week Jonathan has a topic he is interested in and invites someone on to talk about the topic. The topics range from trans rights to Saudi Arabia to women in NASCAR. He really does talk about everything.

I just listened to the episode with Reese Witherspoon and y'all...It was just so inspiring and fun.

Slow Burn | I am weirdly fascinated with the Watergate Scandal, and I have been since I was little... I had a lot of books about the presidents when I was younger. I feel like in history class once you get to Watergate, you're going so fast that you skip over it a little. This podcast goes in-depth and looks at different parts that I feel like aren't usually covered when people talk about Watergate. Also, it's creepy how similar parts of Watergate are to things that are happening currently. (I haven't listened to the second season yet! But it's about Bill Clinton's impeachment.)

30 for 30 Podcasts | I have loved "30 for 30" since I was a freshman in high school. The podcasts tell stories in a different way than the documentaries, which I think makes them super interesting. I also feel like the scope of the topics is a little different than the documentaries. I am not really sure how to explain it, but I feel like the topics are little more niche than the documentaries. The podcast is especially nice because Netflix took off all the documentaries... Not angry about it at all.

The Daily | When I wake up early enough to actually get ready, I love listening to The Daily to start my morning. However, right now I usually wake up about 10 minutes before I need to get out the door, so I end up listening to the new episodes throughout the day. Each podcast is about twenty minutes and talks about the biggest stories in the news at the moment. If you want a shorter, daily news podcast, NPR has Up First, which is another great option.

xx, jKm

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