Junior Year Recap + Thoughts on Senior Year

On Thursday, I walked out of my media law final and was unofficially done with my junior year. (I don't call it official until my grades are finalized...still waiting on two to be finalized.) This semester was probably the hardest semester of college so far. I feel like I say that every semester, but I think this one takes the cake. I felt like I was playing catch up from the beginning and truly never felt like I had this semester under control. A lot of the semester felt like I was struggling to keep my head above water, and there were definitely times when I was pushed underwater (mostly when another rejection popped up in my email). But I survived it. I lived to tell the tale of another day, and in three months I will be a senior.

Warning: It's about to be picture (and emotions) overload.

Junior year of college was similar to junior year of high school. A lot of stress. A lot of changes. I talked a lot about this is my "What Junior Year Has Taught Me" post, and second semester just confirmed a lot of the thoughts I was having in December. I think junior year, a lot like junior year of high school, has really shaped me into the person I am and want to be. When I was a junior in high school, the big change that affected me was my dad being transferred to Ohio. This year the big change was changing my career path.

I spent a lot of this semester figuring out what that new career path would look like in a year and figuring out what grad programs to apply to in the fall. A lot of people keep asking me what I exactly what I want to do, and the truth is...I don't know, which is the same answer I had five months ago, and that's okay. For the first time, I am okay with not knowing exactly where I will be in five years. I barely know where I will be in a year. Next semester, I am taking a higher education class as a replacement for my "depth" course for my PR major, and it's one of the classes I am most excited about because I think I will walk out of it with a better idea of what I want to do. But I also know that while I am in grad school, I will be exposed to even more knowledge and even more opportunities that will help shape my path.

At the beginning of this post, I said this semester was probably my hardest yet, and it truly was, but this semester (and year in general) was really fun. I got two amazing grandlittles (and somehow adopted a pack of freshmen in the process). I became a lot closer with my friends I've had since freshman year, and I made a lot of new ones in the process. I finished my research proposal and found a mentor for next semester to actually complete research that I am incredibly passionate about. I got chosen to serve on the executive board for ambassadors, aka my favorite student organization.

I think this summer will truly fly by since I'll be in London for most of it and then I will have one week back at home and then I will be moving into brand new Theta mansion. Senior year contains a lot of unknowns, but it also holds a lot of excitement. I am absolutely terrified to be a senior because it just means the last three years have gone by far too quickly, but one of my goals for the next year is to take everything in. I don't want to wish anything by because it will be over soon rather than later. Someone in our class meeting said something along the lines of that when we come back to school in August, everything will be our "last" together, which made me super emotional, but it's true. One last recruitment. One last first game in BDS. One last first day of school (except not really...) It's hard, but I really want to make sure that I am soaking everything in and not taking anything for granted.

xx, jKm 

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