What I Packed for London

Today is the day!! Tonight I am flying to London and will get there on Wednesday morning. I am super excited and nervous but mostly excited. It has been a stressful process trying to get to this point, which I will probably talk about at some point, but I am mostly just grateful that the day is finally here. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about what clothes I am taking to London.

I am the world's worst packer...okay, that's probably an overstatement, but I am not good at packing. I tend to overpack, and as I was coming up with the graphic for this post, I realized that I probably overpacked here too... But if it all fits in one checked bag (under 50 lbs!) and one carry on, is it really overpacking? I am justifying the amount of stuff with the fact that I am working while I am in London, so I needed work clothes in addition to clothes I could wear on the weekend. Most of the clothes I am packing serve both purposes, which I think is a plus.
Floral Crop Pants | Utility Jogger | Paperbag Pants (similar) | Skinny Jeans (dark wash) (light wash) 

White Lace Top (similar) | Striped Short Sleeve Shirt | Cream Sweater | 
 White T-Shirt | Striped Turtleneck (similar) | Short Sleeve Ruffle Top

Red Embroidered Dress (not really similar but super pretty!)

When I started packing for this trip after I got back from school, I scrolled through the search "what to pack for Europe" on Pinterest for hours. And a lot of great blog posts and graphics came up...except they were mostly for ~ two-week trips, and I am spending eight weeks in London. I clarified my search for "studying abroad in Europe," which again helped more (especially when it reminded to me get things like razors!) I tried to create a mini capsule wardrobe and also purchase things that would be most useful when I go to grad school in a year. As you might be able to tell, the colors really centered around black, white, and red, a color which I am trying to incorporate into my wardrobe more!

I created a list of outfit combinations that I could wear. I got kind of bored before I finished, but I came up with almost 40 outfits. That's perfect because I am going to be in London for around 60 days, and I know there are combinations that I didn't write down. Hopefully, I won't have to repeat outfits too often, and I have the ability to do laundry, so I am not too worried.

Obviously, I am also packing the essentials for living abroad for eight weeks. Bedding, towels, adapters, etc. This list helped me a lot with more of the 'everyday' items that I was forgetting, and I am planning on buying things like laundry detergent and a hair straightener once I get there just because it's easier. I am also bringing basic things like a rain jacket, two t-shirts, and a couple of leggings.

I am sorry that this post was kind of all over the place, but I had a lot to say about the different parts of packing. 
xx, jKm

P.S. The graphic/list is slightly incomplete because I completely just forgot that I packed some more things...it's mostly just missing two more shirts! 

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