My (Super Short) Trip to Liverpool

My trip to Liverpool feels like it was so long ago, but it has only been like three weeks. I have been meaning to sit down and write my recap of it, but I have either been working, trying to fit all the things I want to go in a weekend, or sleeping. We got here eventually though...

Once I realized that I was going to be interning in London, I knew that I wanted to take a trip to Liverpool, so I could see all the Beatles stuff. Unfortunately, Liverpool is just far enough away that it makes it hard for a day trip, but I also didn't really want to stay for a weekend, so I was only there for five hours, which was not enough time. I still really enjoyed my time there. I took a train there, and like I said, it was four hours. The train ride wasn't too bad, but I definitely got antsy near the end because I was on such a time crunch.

The signs in Liverpool are terrible. I got so turned around trying to get to The Beatles Story, which I feel like would have more signs since it is a pretty attraction in the city. I knew I had to go toward the water, so honestly, at first I was just walking the way I thought was right. It took me about thirty minutes to get there from the Liverpool station.

The museum was really cool, and I feel like if you're going to Liverpool and you're a Beatles fan, that it is worth it, but also, there were some things that I didn't love about it either. I felt like it didn't go as in-depth on somethings as I would have liked it to. There was a lot of stuff skipped over, mostly the middle years between coming to America and Sgt. Pepper's. But also where else am I going to see stuff like Ringo's drum set? Also, that might just be me being my father's daughter and knowing more than the average bear, but like I said, I would recommend it. And do I even have to say it? I cried through a lot of it. 


After doing the museum, I was supposed to go on the Magical Mystery Tour, which takes you around Liverpool and to famous sites like their childhood homes and Penny Lane, and I booked my tour for 2 since it would last till 4 and my train back to London was at 5....but at 1:30 I was about halfway through the museum and had already kind of rushed through the beginning of it. I decided that I wanted to take my time through the end of everything, so I chose not to go on the bus tour. It was a hard decision to make, but I liked being able to grab food, spend time picking out my present for my dad, and then walking around Liverpool.

Liverpool FC had just won the Champions Leagues, and my sister wanted me to get her a scarf, so I went to the team store in Liverpool ONE, which is this cool shopping area. I wasn't really expecting that since when I think of Liverpool, I think of shipping yard, but there's a lot of places to shop and eat over there.

I went to go find the Cavern Club next because that's where the bus tour would have ended, and when I tell y'all that that area is madness, I am not exaggerating. It genuinely reminded me of Broadway in Nashville. There were so many people and so many bars. I decided that it wasn't worth it to try and actually go into the bar since I was by myself. I took my pictures and scooted my way back to the train station after just five hours.

Like I said, I didn't have enough time in the city. There was so much more I wanted to see and didn't get to, but I am also really grateful that I got to see what I did see. I really want to go back one day with my dad because I know how much he would absolutely love it, and I think that would be the best experience ever.

Here's what I want to do if I go back to Liverpool:

xx, jKm 

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