Everything I Did in London | Part 2

...Here's part 2 of everything I did in London. Like I said in Part 1, I wrote this as I went in London because I wanted to remember everything, and I split up into two parts since I spent eight weeks there.

Week 5 (6/23-6/29)

Sunday started with me and my roommates going to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards...it didn't go well. You have to get there super early to get a spot by the gates, and we left around 10:15, which was not early enough. We didn't really see anything, but it was still a cool atmosphere. We decided to try again the next Sunday and left to get brunch. For brunch, we went to the Rail House Café, and it super cute and fun. Afterwards, we went back to the Palace to take pictures since there were less people there. We also stopped by the Mews gift store and the Buckingham Palace one.

We had reservations for tea later, so we basically just walked around for a while before we had to go to the bus station since our tea was on a bus. It was weird to me but I think everyone had fun so it was worth it, I guess.

Another week of work! It was actually a really good week at work. I finished a project I was working and started another one that was pretty interesting, and I felt like I was learning more and more.

On Friday, we went to dinner at All Bar One with the interns that started in June, and afterwards we got drinks at the Crown, which quickly became a place me and my roommates frequented.

This weekend was our last weekend in London since we had trips planned for the next two weekends and then were leaving, so it was really bittersweet in my opinion. My roommates went to Brighton on Saturday, but I stayed in London because there were still things I wanted to do. SO I went to four museums in one day, and I do NOT recommend it. 1. it was the HOTTEST day of the entire summer (it was 90+ degrees), and 2. It is a lot to see in one day. I started at the Natural History Museum and then went to the British Museum and the Sir John Soane's Museum, and ended at the Tate Modern. The Soane Museum and the Tate were probably my favorites of the day. The Natural History Museum has SO many kids that it was hard to see stuff, and I think I was just over everything already by the time I went to the British Museum that I didn't have fun.

Week 6 (6/30-7/6) 

Like I said, my roommates and I made plans to go back to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards, and this time we got a good view. We got there around 10, and there were a lot of people but not enough that we couldn't find a space by the gates. It's really cool, and I am glad we got to see it. We went back to the Buckingham Palace gift shop, and I got tea for my brother and his fiancée as an early wedding gift.

After that we went back to All Bar One for brunch, thinking it was bottomless brunch but apparently you have to make a reservation for that, which we didn't realize...whoops. It was still fun though. Afterwards, two of my roommates and I went back to Kensington to go to the gift shop because they wanted to look at the tea sets again. We wanted to do more, but we were all tired. I think the weekend heat was really doing us in.

I feel bad always saying this, but another week of work! This week was a little more fun because I did a lot after work. On Tuesday, two of my roommates and I went to Tortilla to get burritos and margaritas for 10 pounds, and then we went to the Crown and ended up playing trivia? It was a wild time. We most definitely lost, but we had fun. On Wednesday, we had a program meeting, but afterwards we went to Little Nan's, which has Royal Family themed cocktails. I got the Duchess Kate, and it SO good. THEN Thursday was the Fourth of July, and all I wanted was a hot dog, so I went to Shake Shack to get one. It's probably a good thing I didn't realize how close that Shake Shack is to my office because I would probably go for milkshakes TOO often...

On Friday, all the interns went to Southbank to get food and drinks. Around Southbank there are a ton of restaurants, but there are also food trucks. I got a quesadilla from one of the Mexican ones. After that we walked further down and found a wine cart. I don't normally drink wine, but I do appreciate a good frosé. My roommates went somewhere afterwards, but the mix of wine and a quesadilla AND ice cream made me ready for bed.

Saturday was Paris day! I have a whole post about everything we did in Paris, but here's a quick recap: Everywhere in Paris smells, and the Metro is the worst, but the museums are good.

Week 7 (7/7-7/13)

Sunday we left Paris relatively late, around 7 and got back to London around 9. Taking weekends trips is super fun, but having to go to work the next day is not.

This was probably my hardest week of work, both emotionally and physically. We had a client presentation that I was a part of on Thursday, and I was really nervous about it. There was also a lot just going on in my head that week that made me super anxious. I actually had a panic attack at work on that Wednesday.

While having a panic attack is obviously not the most glamorous thing to happen in London, it did happen and I want to talk about it. I haven't had a panic attack in MONTHS. Truly could not remember the last time I had had one, so it was really hard on me. Luckily, everyone in my office was super supportive and let me take a break, which was great. I talked to my mom about it and everything, and I was just keeping a lot in my head rather than sorting through it plus some other things happened that had made me feel super "off" that morning.

While work was hard, I had my favorite trip planner for this weekend: Dublin! I was going by myself and didn't have a ton of concrete plans, which I was weirdly excited about. Again, I did a whole post about my weekend, but Dublin was easily my favorite trip of the summer.

Week 8 (7/15-7/20)

My last week in London! When I went to work on Monday, I couldn't believe that it was my last week at work. The summer flew by, yet I also felt like I had been here for more than eight weeks.

I didn't do a whole lot this week, mostly because I was so tired at this point. Whenever I get close to a trip, I get super antsy, so work was hard because all I could think about was going home.

Tuesday, me and my roommates did one last night at the Crown. We played trivia again, and it went worse than the first time. It's probably a good thing that we couldn't play again... British trivia is hard, y'all, especially when you're not British.

On Wednesday, all the interns went out to dinner with our program director, and it was really nice to just see everyone one last time. Afterwards, we went to the Shard for drinks. Fair warning, the dress code at the Shard restaurants is definitely nicer than your standard wear so make sure you're dressed appropriately before heading up.

Friday was my last day of work, and I felt a lot more emotional than I expected. I was in London for so long that it became my new normal, so it was sad leaving work for the last time and walking home across the river for the last time. All my co-workers hosted a little farewell party for me at the end of the day, which was really sweet.

...And that's it! That's everything I did in London.

xx, jKm

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