My Graduate School Application Experience

I don't really know what the purpose of this post is except for me to write down my experience with grad school so I can look back on it. If anyone does happen to stumble upon this, I hope it can kind of explain the grad school process (particularly for a non-science field!) and what to expect. I applied for higher education and student affairs program, and I feel like when I was looking for information for applying to graduate school a lot of the information was for more academic/research based programs (probably because my program is more along the lines of a professional development program). I know my experience with applying to grad school was pretty different than one of my friends from high school who was applying to chemistry PhD programs because of the nature of the programs. 

For this specific post, I wanted to break it down month by month and share what I did to prepare for grad school applications and how I decided on where to apply/where to go and everything in between. 


4 Years Later...

I guess I don't really have to say this, but this is not how I thought I would finish my senior year. It's not how any senior thought they would finish their senior year. The last ~six~ weeks have been weird. I left school on March 12th, pretty much knowing that I wouldn't come back to school, but I stayed hopeful aka I left some stuff at Theta but brought most of it home. And it quickly went from bad to worse, and Alabama announced that we would be online for the rest of the semester and commencement would not go on as planned. I lost my last two dates parties. Research presentations. Graduation pictures. Senior chapter and senior celebrations. Honors Day. Graduation itself. *cue me crying every day of my extended spring break* I know that my senior year being cut short is not the end of the world, especially compared to people dealing with MUCH bigger issues, but it was hard because we got the notice we wouldn't be going back at all while we were on spring break. There was no last hurrah with all my friends, and there was no real time to say goodbye to Tuscaloosa. I did get to say some goodbyes but didn't get all of them. But it wouldn't be the end of the semester without my end of the semester blog post, and it wouldn't be the end of the year without a blog post. And I truly don't think I could leave the University of Alabama without reflecting on every aspect of these four years.


Play for four, stay for 3.625 because of a global pandemic!!