My 2021 Word of the Year + Goals...Sort of

Like I said in my 2020 recap, I don't have a ton of expectations for the year. I just want to get through the next few months and stay as healthy as possible as I finish up my third and final semester of my master's program, and then hopefully get a job at some point before December 2021. However, I love the start of the new year, and I saw someone describe it as the perception of a new start, which is the same reason I love back to school season. I think I am starting this semester off a little better since I am in a stable place where I know I will be at least until May for sure. (Again, shout out to my parents for letting me move home after I thought I had moved out for the final time...) I want to preface this with the fact that my goals are not lofty at all, and I mostly made my goals for the first five months of the year. Year long goals scare me because my life can change so much from January to December, especially this year, so focusing on only the next five months until I graduate makes everything a little more attainable.