Shorts Story

Here in Georgia it is hot...humid...and gross, but with this gross weather comes cute clothes! To survive this heat, shorts have to become your best friend. Along with 100+ SPF sunscreen, some croakies and sunglasses. 

As much as I adore J.Crew's shorts, the price is a little (a lot) unreasonable for me to buy shorts in bulk. My favorite places to buy shorts are Old Navy and Target! The shorts there are usually $15-20, and in my experience  they have been super high quality. 

Look how cute these are! The lavender color is so pretty, and the pineapples are precious. I am also a fan of the ones with flamingos on them.

I have these particular shorts in the coral with anchors, but the navy and sailboats is hard to pass up! 

Solid chino shorts should be a staple in everyone's closet. Not even a joke. Target has super bright and affordable ones! I have pink and green ones, but I really need to go grab a couple (maybe all) more. 

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