A Room with a View

One of summer goals is to keep my room clean. Actually that's my goal every new year, new semester, and summer. Clearly, I am not very good at it despite me being super OCD about...everything else. 

I finally cleaned my room though. It took three nights of insomnia, one larger trash bag, some House of Cards, and the want to make some post about my room. 

A small portion of the books in my room.

#BritishPride, rain boots, and scarves. What else do you need?

Alistair (my dresser) with a painting of my grandmother in the corner.

Little nook with my chair with messages from my friends.

My bulletin board is my life.

Coffee table books and monogram pencil cup decorate my desk.

Pro-Tip for cleaning: If you are like me, micromanage small sections of the space a little bit at a time. It is a lot less over whelming if you only focus one small space. Takes longer but you don't stop in the middle.

Fun Fact: I rearranged my room after I took these pictures...Ya know rearranging furniture at midnight is not the best idea. 

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