Get Nauti

How cute it this?? 

Nautical stuff is so in this summer, and I couldn't be more happy. Anchors and boats are everywhere! Perfect. Here are some of my nautical picks for this season: 

Booze Cruise Scarf | Of course, Lilly's summer patterns are known for the nauti-ness, and I love this pattern. 

Ratti Regatta Short | Carly posted about this last week, and I seriously fell in love. How cute??

Boat-Shoe Embroidered Shorts | Can't be on a boat without your boat shoes! I love these shorts from Brooks Brothers. They never fail me in the men's department. 

Anchor Bow | How cute is this bow from Etsy? These are easily something you could make yourself with some fabric and instructions from Pinterest! 

Anchor & Ship Wheel Lazy Shorts | These are perfect for lounging around on a hot summer day. 

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