"If the shoe fits..."

As much as I LOVE shoes, I only wear three pairs: sperrys, Jacks, and Hunters. I really wish I could wear cute heels and wedges, but it is a struggle to walk in them due to my bad knees and the stairs in my school. I mean, it's not like the shoes I wear are super supportive... But until I can walk properly in high heels, I will be dreaming of pretty flats. 

I am really into slippers lately, and Stubbs and Wootton has really cute ones! I love this kelly green and navy combination. J.P. Crickets has some great slippers too. I love that you can get collegiate ones. 

Tory Burch's Reva Flats are such classic flats and pretty good quality from what I hear. A pair in each color, please! 

Taylor Swift's Ked collection is so darn cute! I love these navy and polka dot ones. I'd also love a pair of the red ones from the Original Champion Collection

The Nantucket Gold collection from Jack Rogers is wonderful. My personal favorite combination is the Caribbean Blue and Gold. Gorgeous! 

What are your favorite pair of flats??

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