Mad as a Hatter

Recently, I have started to really love baseball hats which is weird. I used to hate them. A lot. I have an unusually large head, so normally hats don't fit me. But it all started with... 

Yes, the lovely seersucker hat. I loved it so much I bought it twice! 

I am thinking about starting a collection actually because there is no such thing as too much. Is there? 

My school's colors are green and black, so this hat is perfect if I ever wanted one for a game. The Frat Hats from Southern Proper come in so many great colors! Their Cocktail Caps are fantastic too. 

Vineyard Vines never disappoints. I love their basic baseball caps. The yellow is for sure my favorite, but they used to have an aqua color one that I loved. Anyone know where I can find it?

ACK baseball cap is perfect because it's two of my favorite things: Nantucket and baseball caps. I think this one is a must in Nantucket Red.

Who doesn't need a monogrammed baseball cap? I like the idea of the navy hat with coral stitching. 

Do you like baseball hats? Or what is your favorite type of hat?

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