The Purse Problem

You know those fabulous people who can carry around a equally as fabulous purse, never forget it anywhere, and the purse goes with everything? Yeah...that's the furthest thing from me. I. Hate. Purses. But I need one. I carry around so much stuff between my sunglasses, phone, iPad (sometimes), my agenda, and makeup. My life's a mess, and a purse would be a HUGE help...but I literally cannot carry a purse. It's too much of a hassle. (Here comes my "I Do, but I Dont'" attitude.) 

Right now I am using...
The All in One Wrislet from Vera Bradley. I've had this for about three years, and it's great because it can hold my phone and money, but it's not so great for school purposes. I also have a leather cross body that I use for school, but it again doesn't hold enough. I need something that could fit a couple books, agenda, and such. 

I love the cute Kate Spade ones...they are just really expensive and a bold statement which I don't think I am  ready to grace the halls of high school with. 

I like this one from Tory Burch. I like how much room it has, but it still have pockets. Not sure how I feel about the straps though. 

If I ever really need a bag, I will probably end up asking for a Lonchamp. Just because of how basic they are, and from what I have heard, they last for a while.  

Maybe one day, I can be a big girl and have a purse. What kind of purse do you have? Any suggestions for me??

P.S. I got contacts!! I can't decide if it is the best or worst decision...maybe I can decide once the monstrous headache I have goes away. 

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