What to Wear | Baseball Game

Baseball games in Georgia consist of two things: Heat and drunk men. I can't help you with the drunk men, (if I ever find out on how to deal, I will let you know.) but I can help with dressing cute and staying cool! 

Pro-Tip: Avoid any fancy skirts, dresses, or shoes. It is hard to sit comfortably or walk, and you don't want to ruin them. Anything can happen at a baseball game, and you will mostly likely step in beer. (But if you know for sure you can wear those things, go ahead! And snaps for you. I could never do it.) Shorts and a t-shirt are the way to go, and even safer bet is shorts in your team's color and a jersey/shirsey. 

Shorts | Most baseball teams have at least one neutral or basic color that you can pick for shorts! I'd suggest red, navy, white, or black shorts! Check some out at J.Crew or Target. 

Shirts | I am partial to button downs, but you really can rock any lightweight shirt to a game! If you wear a button down, I suggest rolling up the sleeves for a more causal feel. Oh, and NO LONG SLEEVES OR BLACK SHIRTS. No matter what you think, it will be sunny, and you will burn up. Not fun. Trust me, I know.

Accessories | Sunglasses are life savers at games. Any game you go to, you will be in the sun whether it is mid afternoon, or it is setting.  Make sure to bring your croakies, so you don't lose them! I would also suggest not to go overboard on jewelry just in case it starts to feel heavy or worse it starts sticking to you. 

I plan on wearing something very similar to the game I am going to on Monday! #minorleague

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