What to Wear | Black Tie, Bullies & Boston

I am so excited for this week! My most awesome, wonderfully stylish, New Yorker cousin is getting married this week in Philadelphia, and while we are already up north, my family is going to visit Boston to look for an apartment for my brother since he is moving up there! 

Black Tie
My cousin's wedding is black tie optional. Hold up. Black Tie...optional? Wait, what does that even mean? The Knot says, "A long dress, a really dressy suit, or something cocktail-length (but still formal). Glamorous makeup and dramatic jewelry and hair are appropriate" 

After putting off the search for a couple of months, my mom and I finally went to Dillard's and picked up this beaut for a deal. 
It a cocktail length dress with the chiffon overlaying the lower half of the dress. I am pairing it with a statement necklace and earrings from Charming Charlie's! 

Bullies & Boston
So this title is a little weird, but the Philadelphia Flyers are the called the Broad St. Bullies, and I had to stick the alliteration. 

In the summer, Philadelphia is "hot as hell." (1776 anyone?) I am going to assume it is similar for Boston.  This means my summer uniform will be in full swing. Shorts on shorts on shorts! My packing list looks a little like this:

I had a really hard time making a packing list because I didn't want to bring too much or too little (which I am amazing at...) 

This is my very useful old dance bag that I use for traveling. I got it in Valdosta when The Twins went down there for GHP. And yes, my name is embroidered in the Curlz font...I was eight.

I didn't really know what to do with my jewelry so into plastic bags they went! (Post coming soon about the new necklaces.)

And then I use my old backpack as a carry-on type thing. I put books, cords, notebooks, and writing utensils in there. 

Check my twitter for updates from the trip! 

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