Are You Ready for Some Football??

Praise the Lord, it's 35 day until college football kicks off and even less till high school football starts! Then there's 43 days until the NFL kicks off!
Tailgating is HUGE in the south, and GameDay outfits are staples on a fine Saturday afternoon/evening. Personally, I would totally dress up for my high school games, but I am usually working either for newspaper or the game. Maybe this year, I'll take a risk and look cute when I am working for newspaper. 

So usually for college football, I root for two teams normally, the Kentucky Wildcats and Northwestern Wildcats, which are my parents Alma maters! 

In the SEC, it's practically custom to wear your school's colors and your cowboy boots to a game! Gotta look cute when your screaming, "Go Big Blue!" 

In Evanston, it can get COLD, so you gotta be bundle up when you sing "Go U Northwestern!" 

Bonus: I am a die-hard Eagles fan, and sadly, that leaves me sad most of the seasons, but I am also a huge Manning brothers fan! (Except if they play the Eagles.) I also like J.J. Watt, Aaron Rodgers, and Colin Kaepernick. 

Are any of y'all die hard college football/NFL fans? What teams?

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