Chapel Hill

I didn't get to include this in my trip post because well, this part of the trip was a HUGE surprise. 

This is how it happened . . . First, we went to get barbecue, and I figured we were just going to get lunch. BUT my mom asked me if we knew where we were, and guess what?? We were in Chapel Hill! I had asked my parents before the trip if we could go visit UNC, and I didn't think we were going to go, so it was a great surprise.  

I was a little nervous due to the fact was it was my first 'official' college visit, but the campus was gorgeous and had great history. The part that I saw was surrounded by trees and felt like a park. Plus, the sorority houses I saw, KKG, KD, and ChiO, were beautiful. 

I had to get a touristy photo of the Old Well
Beautiful campus! 
Also, stopped by the book store and got a gingham Carolina shirt!
I can't believe I am already going on college visits! Anybody have advice for me??

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