Happy Christmas in July!

Can anyone explain why this "holiday" is in July rather than June? I mean, June 25 is half way to Christmas... But putting that notion aside, here's what would be on my wishlist if today was Christmas! 

Adia Kibur Knot Necklace | Oh my gosh, I pinned this a while ago, but I am so in love with it. It's gold, and it's kind of nautical. I feel like I have nowhere to wear it, but I would wear this all the time. 

Chole Square Toe Balleria Flat | It's my former dancer coming out . . . These would probably already be in my possession if it weren't for the cost. 

Nantucket Crew Neck Sweatshirt | I am obsessed with Nantucket and sweatshirts, so sue me. 

Kennett Dress | End of Summer Sale come sooner! I've literally tried this on three times. 

Tell me what would be on your wishlist right now! 

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