July Favorites

Can y'all believe it July is almost over?? August is upon us and so is Back-to-School season, but here are some of my favorite things from the month of July!

{Favorite TV Show} If you've seen my twitter/tumblr, you know I have been watching way too much Teen Wolf. I am so in love with Stiles; it's becoming a problem. I actually started watching this in November when I had the flu, but I never got around to finishing it till now! And it's on Netflix, so go check it out. 

{Favorite Movie} Despicable Me! I finally saw the first one all the way through, and it's so hilarious. Agnes is so adorable!! Still haven't seen the second one, but we will get there. Soon. 

{Favorite Thing I Bought} Open-Knit Drop Sleeve Sweater from the Gap! The amount of kelly green I own at the moment is a bit of the problem, but I am in love with sweater. I love the open knit because it isn't too open, and I am so excited to wear it for Gamedays in the fall/winter!
I am also obsessed with my new Lilly agenda.

{Favorite Food} This should be no surprise. My favorite food is a Strawberry/Orange smoothie!
Check out my recipe here.
Also, I am loving Passion Iced Tea Lemonade! A venti for $2.60? I am sold. 

{Favorite Song} You're So Vain - Carly Simon | This song has been on repeat forever. I absolutely love it! Taylor Swift and Carly Simon actually did a cover of this in Boston recently! So. Good.

{Favorite Sport Related Thing} So, the U.S. Secret Classic for gymnastics happened recently...And I am all about it since I am having Olympic withdrawals. Like I loved this even more than the ASG. Check out Kyla Ross' uneven bar routine, McKayla Maroney's floor exercise and vault, and Simone Biles's floor exercise!

What did y'all love this month? 

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