Hello new favorite documentary and my wish to be a sports writer! We all know how much I love 
sport-umentaries, and now I have a new all time favorite: Let Them Wear Towels which is apart of the ESPN series Nine for IX.

The documentary, directed by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern, is about women's fight to not only be allowed into the locker rooms after games to get interviews but their fight to be respected in the completely male-dominated world of sports. 

It's such an eye-opening film because it's something I, personally, don't think about. Women are all over MLB Network and Sports Center nowadays, but they really had to fight their way into this world. It's amazing what they went through in order for women today to be where they are today. From horrible slurs to sexual harassment from players and coaches. 

10 minutes into this documentary, I wanted to be a sports journalist again. I wanted to write about sports, and I wanted to work in this male-dominated world that I absolutely love and prove myself. I don't even know, this documentary was really inspiring, and I definitely recommend it even if you aren't into sports. 

 Also, I am super excited for The '99ners, which is about the USWNT who won the World Cup, to come out!

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