Picks from Marley Lilly

"If it isn't moving, monogram it!"  The mantra that every good girl knows and lives by. I don't mean to toot my own horn, well my mother's horn, but I have an awesome monogram.  She put a lot of effort into both my script and block monogram. Thanks, mama! 
Like I love my monogram so much that I want to put it on everything I own . . . which I kind of already do. 

If you don't know about Marley Lilly, a. where have you been? and b. you are really missing out. Personally, I have never ordered something from the site . . . yet. I do however have an extensive wish list. 

Green Monogrammed Tumbler | I'm in the market for a tumbler, and ya know I can never own enough green stuff. I'm also a fan of this one! Gotta love anything with anchors. 

Seersucker Bow | It's no big news that I adore hair bows. Why don't I own a monogram one? No idea.

Monogrammed Light Blue Shirt | Carolina Blue? Check! Pocket Tee? Check! Monogram? Check! 

Monogrammed Scarf | I absolutely love scarves. One of my best friends, sCe got my a monogrammed one for my birthday, and it's perfect! I really want to get a navy one with a pink monogram! 

Coral Rosette Statement Necklace | Oh. My God. It's a J.Crew inspired statement necklace!!! Plus it's $30 compared $128. This might have to get into my life.

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What are your picks from Marley Lilly? 

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