I have lots of favorite books, but my absolute fave is Alice in Wonderland. I first bought this book when I was in the third grade I think, but I didn't really read it until three years ago. I fell in love with Wonderland. The place it such an enigma, yet it's so magical and intriguing. Honestly, I read this book so much. Any part. It doesn't matter; I love it that much.

I love everything involving Alice and Wonderland from movies to photo shoots to the fancy book covers. 

Grace Coddington's Wonderland shoot is my absolute favorite of hers! It perfectly captures the essence of the land with a high fashion twist. This shot is one of my favorite parts of the book. The caterpillar is one of my favorite character. 

I love the Cheshire Cat too. His entire dialogue with Alice is perfect, and the scene consists of some of my favorite quotes from the book. "We're all mad here."

I do love both versions of Alice movies. The newer one gives lots of twists to the original story, but I am not a big fan of the ending. I actually don't think I've seen the older Disney movie all the way through, but I do love the Tea Party scene. 

What's your favorite book? Do you love Wonderland as much as I do?

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