I was really craving a smoothie the other day, but I also really didn't want to pay or drive to Planet Smoothie, so I figured why not make my favorite smoothie aka a Captain Kid, since it's super easy!


Two Handfuls of Frozen or Fresh Strawberries
Two Scoops of Vanilla FroYo (You can also use Orange Sherbert!) 
Two Cups of OJ
Like I said, this is really easy. You just gather all your ingredients and throw them into a blender! 

At first I only use a handful of strawberries, but then the smoothie was too orange-y. 

Then I poured it into a mini Mason Jar! #yummy
I had a lot left over, so I poured it into another cup and put it into the fridge. 

Super easy and simple and tasty!! Why are your favorite kind of smoothies?

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