Arm Party

Fun fact: I have really big wrists, so I hate wearing bracelets/watches. Also, I have slight anxiety when anything except a hair elastic is on my wrist. But I love Arm Candy or Stacks

Here are some accessories that I think are classics for your stacks!

Monogrammed Bracelet | Carly is my opinion is the Queen of Stacks. I love her monogrammed bracelet. This one from Marley Lilly is a cheaper option than hers that is from DKM Accessories.

Classic Watch | In a perfect world, I would enjoy wearing watches. I love this one from Kate Spade!

Bangle | I adore this bow bangle from Kate Spade! Bangles add a pop of color to your cute stacks.

Link Bracelets | I love J.Crew's link bracelets! The pave one is so pretty, but the Classic link bracelet is...well, classic! 

What are your favorite places to get arm candy??

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