Back to School Haul

I finally went shopping! Praise the Lord. I was getting a little worried that I wouldn't be able to go.
This year, I really wanted to go to the outlet mall in Atlanta because they have great factory stores like J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers. 

First, we went to J. Crew because I really wanted to look at their sweaters and see if they had a gold chain link necklace, but sadly, I didn't find either one those. Instead, I found the greatest shoes! 

I actually instagrammed before my mom even said I get them. They are green with a navy cap toe, and I'm in love. I will be exclusively wearing green and navy this year. 

Then we went to Brooks Brothers, so I could look at pretty boys. My next purchase however came from Kate Spade! I was pumped because this is my first purchase from there! I bought the bow earrings in gold and hot pink, and I've been obsessed with these forever. I think I have pinned them at least five times. 

My favorite part of the trip was going to Ralph Lauren. I love this store so much! It was a little hectic, but I ended up with ah-mazing deals. I bought two cable knit sweaters and a yellow button which I have been looking for forever. Too excited. 

My last purchase was a silk scarf from Talbots. How nautically cute?

Actually, the next day we went to this shopping center in my city to try to find a gold chain necklace (still can't find one!), but I ended up getting two things from the Gap! 

A navy star sweater that makes me feel patriotic and like Rachel Berry from season 1.

My shorts obsession is about to hit double digits. 

Then I got new athletic shorts and shirts for football season! 

What's your back-to-school haul look like? 


  1. I love those J. Crew shoes! Too cute! I got two gingham button downs and a few blouses to wear with pencil skirts for my back to school shopping this year!

    1. I literally live in my gingham button down! Probably one of my best investments!