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Today, I am going to give some of my favorite/first blogs I read some love! These five blogs are the reason I started my blog, and you can always check out all the blogs that I love/read over on the sidebar! 
{Carly aka the College Prepster} So everyone and their sister reads Carly's blog, and I absolutely understand why! Between her adorable OOTDs, organized life, and inspirational life posts, TCP is perfect! This is the blog I've been reading the longest, and she really did inspire me to want to blog. Her blog also helped my personal style evolve

{Mackenzie aka Design Darling} First off, can I mention how jealous I am of Mackenzie hair? And her closest? All of her outfit posts are spot on, and I love the idea of 101 in 1001! Plus her boutique has the cutest everything! 

{Rebecca aka Life with rMe} I originally followed Rebecca on her tumblr, and her blog is one of the first I followed when I created Sass del Sur. I've talked to Rebecca a couple of times, and she is one of the biggest sweethearts! Plus her instagram is ah-mazing. (Also, she loves Spanish which is my favorite class!)

{Caroline aka Citrus & Style} I definitely dove into blogging once I started reading Caroline's blog! (Ya know, considering we are the same age and stuff!) She's a fellow lover of all things pink & navy, and I adore all her outfits! 

{Sarah aka Note to Self} When I grow up, I want to be Sarah Tolzmann. Like her life is amazing. She worked for Matchbook Mag, and she currently works for Ralph Lauren. Her print shop is just perfect, and I want to buy all of them. I'm actually obsessed with her Boston one.

For all the other blogs I love, check out What I Am Reading! And I am always looking for more blogs to read. 

P.S. Note all of the blog logos belong to their owners. 

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